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Kraklin On July - 24 - 2010

vendor items flipping profit

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with buying items from vendors and selling them for a profit on the auction house.

I started off selling almost anything I could find from vendors –  food, equipment, reagents, arrows, recipes, pets, trade goods (resilient parchment, star wood), mining pick, etc.. If a vendor sold it I probably tried to flip it for a profit.

I have trimmed the list down to items that sold consistently and for a nice mark up.

Flipping vendor items for profit is probably one of the best ways to make gold when you have no professions or little start up capital. I’ve used it in combination with WoW Schools guide to really give me an advantage on route to my next gold cap.

You can literally buy recipes and items for 20 silver and turn around and flip it on the AH for 60 gold.

The trick here to make it the most profitable and worth your time is to follow an efficient route so you get all the key recipes, many people even know that recipes sell from the vendor but would rather just buy it from the auction house for a mark up to save them the hassel of traveling. Our advantage is we can take 1 trip out to a remote location and pick up multiple of that item, store it in the bank and sell it off when there’s no or low supply.

Items that are far are either incorporated into a route or must be sold at a high enough mark up to justify the travel time as some of these items are sold in limited quantity and you can only get one while you are out there.

List of Profitable Vendor Items to Flip on AH

Here’s a list of the vendor items I’ve successfully sold and how much profit I’ve gained from each item. Some items don’t have a profit amount yet as I’ve yet to sell them but they were easy to obtain (from same vendor as another profitable item) I’ll include my spreadsheet so you can input any other items you find and delete items you find don’t sell on your server.

Some items sell right away while others may have a 50% sell through rate. I’ve sold some of these items multiple times (like star wood, I sell about 5/day) I will include a report of my best selling vendor items in a future post so you see how much stock of each of these items I move a week.

Experiment with your pricing as well. I usually start off with the market price and start doubling it after every successful sale. A lot of these items have sold each time and I increase the cost by 10g each time. I find that most recipes can usually get around 50-70g, and some rare ones like the Admirals Hat recipe can go for upwards of 500g.

Vendor Items Cost Sold Price Profit Vendor Location
Adamantite Frame 4 19.8 15.8 Netherstorm
Agile Boots 0.2634 18.06 17.8 The Barrens
Albino Snake 50 85.7 35.7 Dalaran
Blacksmith Hammer 0.0016 7.73 7.73 Orgimmar
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling 10 35 25 Netherstorm
Brown Leather Satchel 0.225 3.25 3.03 Orgrimmar
Brown Rabbit Crate 10 31.9 21.9 Netherstorm
Brown Snake 0.5 19.56 19.1 Orgrimmar
Calico Cat 50 89.85 39.9 Dalaran
Cat Carrier (Siamese) 0.6 20.47 19.9 Netherstorm
Coal 0.045 0.889 0.84 Orgrimmar
Cockroach 0.5 12.17 11.7 Netherstorm
Common Brown Shirt 0.034 17 17 Orgrimmar
common grey shirt 0.034 19.23 19.2 Orgrimmar
common white shirt 0.034 -0 Orgrimmar
Copper Rod 0.0112 7.99 7.98 Orgrimmar
Crimson Snake 0.5 5 4.5 Netherstorm
Design: amulet of the moon 0.153 -0.2 Undercity
Design: Blazing Citrine Ring 0.2 34.35 34.2 Desolace
Enchanter’s Satchel 11.9 33.68 21.8
Fel Iron Casing 3.2 35 31.8 Netherstorm
Flask of port 0.015 19.5 19.5 Orgrimmar
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Lesser Intellect 0.05 13.56 13.5 Orgimmar
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Deflection 0.58 27.51 26.9 Swamp of Sorrows
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength 0.25 24.04 23.8 Stonetalon Mountains
Formula: Enchant Chest – Lesser Mana 0.036 38.25 38.2 Orgrimmar
Formula: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility 0.08 29.09 29 Stonetalon Mountains
Formula: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina 0 Undercity
Formula: Enchant Shield – Major Stamina 4 59.26 55.3 Shattrath City
Formula: Large Prismatic Shard 6 70 64 Shattrath City
Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod 10 75 65 Terokkar Forest
Formula: Runed Eternium Rod 12 56.5 44.5 Shattrath City
Formula: Superior Mana Oil 5 39.35 34.4 Shattrath City
Gem Pouch 10.2 49 38.8 Hellfire
Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling 0.5 29.9 29.4 Eversong Woods
handful of fel iron bolts 0.6 2.91 2.31 Netherstorm
Hardened Adamantite Tube 4 19.8 15.8 Netherstorm
heavy brown bag 1.8 7.19 5.39 Orgimmar
heavy quiver 0.17 8 7.83
Heavy Toolbox 11.9 -12
herb pouch 0.09 5.95 5.86 Orgimmar
Mana Wyrmling 40 80 40 Netherstorm
medium quiver 0.09 7.68 7.59
Medium Shot Pouch 0.1 2.75 2.65
mining pick 0.0073 6.4 6.39 Orgimmar
Mining Sack 8.5 40 31.5
Obsidian Hatchling 50 185 135 Dalaran
Parrot Cage (Senegal) 0.4 29.14 28.7 Netherstorm
Pattern: Barbaric Bracers 0.17 -0.2
Pattern: blue overalls 0.036 -0
Pattern: heavy leather ball 0.18 34.73 34.6 Orgimmar
Pattern: Icy Cloak 0.15 60 59.9 Dustwallow Marsh
Pattern: shadowcloth 4 46.76 42.8 Shattrath City, Dalaran
Pattern: Soul Pouch 1.2 19.65 18.5 Tanaris
Pattern: soulcloth gloves 7.6 68.6 61 Nagrand
Pattern: tuxedo jacket 0.425 20 19.6 Undercity
Pattern: tuxedo pants 0.3825 27 26.6 Undercity
Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt 0.3825 19.47 19.1 Undercity
Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets 1.08 29.87 28.8 Tirisfal Glades
Plans: Adamantite Breastplate 6 55.51 49.5 Shadowmoon Valley
Plans: adamantite cleaver 4 36 32 Shattrath City
Plans: Adamantite Dagger 4 27.86 23.9 Shattrath City
Plans: Adamantite Maul 4 39 35 Shattrath City
Plans: Adamantite Plate Bracers 6 52.85 46.9 Shadowmoon Valley
Plans: Adamantite Plate Gloves 6 75.58 69.6 Shadowmoon Valley
Plans: adamantite rapier 4 39 35 Shattrath City
Plans: Adamantite Rod 4 49.48 45.5 Shattrath City
Plans: Eternium Rod 12 52.72 40.7 Hellfire
Plans: lesser ward of shielding 6 38.31 32.3 Hellfire
Plans: Solid Iron Maul 0.3 19.07 18.8 Desolace
Plans: Storm Gauntlets 4 89 85 Western Plaugelands
recipe: blackened basilisk 3 39.36 36.4 Terokkar Forest
recipe: blackened trout 1.8 49.35 47.6 Zangarmarsh
Recipe: Carrion Surprise 0.5 29 28.5 Desolace, Swamp of Sorrows
recipe: crispy bat wing 0
Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili 0.7 25 Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh
Recipe: Elixir of Major Defense 5 49 44 Blade’s Edge Mountains
Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power 1 37 36 Undercity
recipe: golden fish sticks 3 19.5 16.5 Terokkar Forest
recipe: grilled mudfish 2.85 42.52 39.7 Nagrand
Recipe: Grilled Squid 1.6 46.25 44.7 Tanaris
Recipe: Heavy Crocolisk Stew 0.2 58.1 57.9 Dustwallow Marsh
Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew 0.7 46.88 46.2 Desolace
recipe: Mithril Head Trout 0.198 -0.2 Undercity, Orgrimmar
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion 0.2 29 28.8 Tanaris, Ferelas, Stranglethorn Vale
recipe: poached bluefish 2.85 24.24 21.4 Nagrand
Recipe: Poached Sunscale Salmon 2 28.58 26.6 Tanaris
recipe: rainbow fin albacore 0.036 -0 Undercity, Orgrimmar
Recipe: Roast Raptor 0.5 7 6.5 Dustwallow Marsh, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale, Arathi Highlands
recipe: roasted clefthoof 2.85 19.85 17 Nagrand
recipe: Rockscale Cod 0.198 9.94 9.74 Undercity, Orgrimmar
recipe: sagefish delight 0.45 -0.5
recipe: Slitherskin Mackerel 0.004 17.8 17.8 Durotar, Tirisfal Glades
recipe: smoked sagefish 0.045 4.4 4.36 Undercity, Orgrimmar
recipe: spicy crawdad 3 -3 Terokkar Forest
Recipe: Talbuk Steak 2.85 30 27.2 Nagrand
Recipe: Transmute Primal Might 8 80 72 Shattrath City
Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder 0.3 78.47 78.2 Tanaris
recipe: warp burger 3 -3 Terokkar Forest
Red Dragonhawk Hatchling 0.5 29.46 29 Eversong Woods
red moth egg 10 35 25 Netherstorm
Resilient Parchment 0.45 1.93 1.48 Orgrimmar
Schematic: Adamantite Rifle 8 -8 Shattrath City
schematic: adamantite scope 5.4 39.88 34.5 Hellfire
Schematic: Adamantite Shell Machine 6 36.26 30.3 Shattrath City
schematic: Cogspinner Goggles 5.4 81.4 76 Hellfire
Schematic: Deadly Scope 0.3 13.68 13.4 Stranglethorn
schematic: fel iron toolbox 4 68.45 64.5 Shattrath City
Schematic: Fused Wiring 1.6 46.6 45 Shattrath City
Schematic: Gnomish Cloaking Device 0.24 128.06 128 Alterac Mountains
Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote 0.12 89.34 89.2 Thousand Needles
Schematic: Lovingly Crafted Boomstick 0.1 38.1 38 Thousand Needles
Schematic: Powerful Seaforium Charge 1.6 28.48 26.9 Winterspring
schematic: ultra-spectropic detection goggles 8 85 77 Zangarmarsh
schematic: white smoke flare 6 32.36 26.4 Shattrath City, Zangarmarsh
scribe’s satchel 0.45 4.12 3.67 Orgimmar
Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling 0.5 31.89 31.4 Eversong Woods
simple grinder 2.12 19.77 17.7 Orgimmar
Skinning Knife 0.0074 7.4 7.39 Orgimmar
Stable Boots 0.1999 6.14 5.94 The Barrens
star wood 0.405 5.13 4.73 Orgimmar
technique: glyph of eternal water 2.7 -2.7 Hellfire

Total Profit = 3,403g

Vendor Item Locations – Route and Maps

The above is all nice and dandy to show what sells, but you’ll waste so much time trying to track down each vendor individually. Here’s a list of where those items to flip are by Zone and Vendor, after this I’ll include the route I take.

Albino Snake
Calico Cat
Obsidian Hatchling
Alterac Mountains
Bro’kin <Alchemy Supplies>
Recipe: Frost Oil
Zan Shivsproket <Speciality Engineer>
Schematic: Gnomish Cloaking Device
Black Kingsnake
Brown Snake
Kithas <Enchanting Supplies>
formula: enchant chest – lesser mana
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Lesser Intellect
Star Wood
Copper Rod
Strange Dust
Lesser Magic Essence
Zeal’aya <Herbalism Supplies>
Herb Pouch
Tamar <Leatherworking Supplies>
Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball
Xen’to <Cooking Supplies>
recipe: smoked sagefish
Jubie Gadgetspring <Engineering Supplies>
Schematic: Deepdive Helmet
Xizzer Fizzbolt
Schematic: Masterwork Target Dummy
Schematic: Powerful Seaforium Charge
Schematic: Fused Wiring
Schematic: Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector
Design: Necklace of the Diamond Tower
Pattern: Mooncloth
Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Health
Pattern: Runecloth Bag
Lorelae Wintersong
Pattern: Felcloth Pants
Formula: Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense
Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod
Stonetalon Mountains
Kulwia <Trade Supplies>
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength
Formula: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility
Super-Seller 680
Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili
Recipe: Barbecued Buzzard Wing
Recipe: Big Bear Steak
Recipe: Hot Wolf Ribs
Recipe: Lean Wolf Steak
Recipe: Mystery Stew
Kireena <Trade Goods>
Design: Blazing Citrine Ring
Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew
Recipe: Carrion Surprise
Pattern: Azure Silk Gloves
Plans: Solid Iron Maul
Thunder Bluff
Prairie Dog Whistle
Pizznukle <Leather Armor Merchant>
Stable Boots
Agile Boots
Kiknikle <Stylish Clothier>
Common Gray Shirt
Common White Shirt
Common Brown Shirt
Dustwallow Marsh
Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili
Recipe: Heavy Crocolisk Stew
Recipe: Roast Raptor
Pattern: Icy Cloak
Bronk <Alchemy Supplies>
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion
Recipe: Ghost Dye
Thousand Needles
Magus Tirth
Ancona Chicken
Jinky Twizzlefixxit
schematic: lovingly Crafted Boomstick
Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote
Alchemist Pestlezugg
Recipe: Transmute Arcanite
Recipe: Transmute Mithril to Truesilver
Recipe: Philosopher’s Stone
recipe: Transmute Iron to Gold
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion
Pattern: Soul Pouch
recipe: Spotted Yellowtail
Recipe: Nightfin Soup
Recipe: Poached Sunscale Salmon
Recipe: Grilled Squid
Jabbey <General Goods>
Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder
Millie Gregorian <Tailoring Supplies>
Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt
Pattern: Tuxedo Pants
pattern: tuxedo jacket
Joseph Moore <Leatherworking Supplies>
Pattern: Barbaric Bracers
Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers
Algernon <Alchemy Supplies>
Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power
Daniel Bartlett
Formula: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina
Tirisfall glades
Werg Thickblade <Leatherworking Supplies>
Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets
Martine Tramblay <Fishing Supplies>
recipe: Slitherskin Mackerel
Western Plaugelands
Magnus Frostwake
Plans: Storm Gauntlets
Eversong Woods
Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
Red Dragonhawk Hatchling
Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling


Shattrath City
Madame Ruby <Enchanting Supplies>
Formula: Runed Eternium Rod
Formula: Enchant Shield – Major Stamina
Formula: Large Prismatic Shard
Strange Dust
Lesser Magic Essence
Formula: Superior Mana Oil
Aaron Hollman <Blacksmithing Supplies>
Plans: Adamantite Maul
Plans: Adamantite Cleaver
Plans: Adamantite Dagger
plans: adamantite rapier
Plans: Adamantite Rod
Viggz Shinesparked <Engineering Supplies>
Schematic: Fused Wiring
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
Andrion Darkspinner <Shadoweave Specialist>
Pattern: Shadowcloth
Wind Trader Lathrai
Schematic: Fel Iron Toolbox
Schematic: Adamantite Shell Machine
schematic: white smoke flare
Skreah <Alchemy Supplies>
Recipe: Transmute Primal Might
Terokkar forest
Innkeeper Grilka <Innkeeper>
recipe: blackened basilisk
Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod
recipe: golden fish sticks
recipe: spicy crawdad
Shadowmoon Valley
Krek Cragcrush <Blacksmithing Supplies>
Plans: Adamantite Plate Bracers
Plans: Adamantite Plate Gloves
Plans: Adamantite Breastplate
Hellfire Penninsula
Mixie Farshot <Gun Merchant>
Schematic: Cogspinner Goggles
Schematic: Adamantite Scope
Rohok <Master Blacksmithing Trainer>
Plans: Eternium Rod
Plans: Lesser Ward of Shielding
Floyd Pinkus <Innkeeper>
Heavy Toolbox
Enchanter’s Satchel
Mining Sack
Gem Pouch
Captured Gnome <Item Repair>
Schematic: Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles
Schematic: White Smoke Flare
Gambarinka <Tradesman>
recipe: blackened trout
Blade Edge Mountain
Daga Ramba <Potions>
Recipe: Elixir of Major Defense
Qiff (3)
Adamantite Frame
Fel Iron Casing
Felsteel Stabilizer
Khorium Power Core
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
Dealer Rashaad (1)
blue dragonhawk hatchling
brown rabbit crate
cat carrier (siamese)
crimson snake
Mana Wyrmling
parrot cage (senegal)
red moth egg
Dealer Najeeb (2)
Adamantite Frame
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
mote of air
mote of earth
mote of fire
mote of life
mote of mana
mote of water
hardened adamantite Tube
Nula The Butcher
Recipe: Talbuk Steak
Recipe: Poached Bluefish
Recipe: Grilled Mudfish
recipe: roasted clefthoof
Mathar G’ochar
Pattern: Soulcloth Gloves
Booty Bay
Xizk Goodstitch
Pattern: Enchanter’s Cowl
Kelsey Yance
Recipe: Filet of Redgill
Recipe: Giant Clam Scorcho
Recipe: Cooked Glossy Mightfish
Recipe: Hot Smoked Bass
Parrot Cage (Cockatiel)
Mazk Snipeshot
Schematic: Accurate Scope
Cowardly Crosby
Pattern: Admiral’s Hat
Knaz Blunderflame
Schematic: Deadly Scope
Gnaz Blunderflame
Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling
Swamp of Sorrows
Banalash <Trade Supplies>
Design: Black Pearl Panther
Recipe: Carrion Surprise
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Deflection


Here’s the route I take and the map for each zone of the vendor locations, bookmark this page and follow these stages each time you need to restock. Click to zoom each picture.

Outlands Run

Start in Shattrath > Terokkar > Shadowmoon Valley

Shattrath VendorsTerokkar VendorsShadowmoon Valley Vendors

Hellfire > Zangarmarsh > Dip down to Nagrand > Blade’s Edge Mountains

Hellfire Peninsula VendorsNagrand VendorsBlade's Edge Mountains Vendors

End at Netherstorm

Netherstorm Vendors

Dalaran to Kalimdor Run

Dalaran > Teleport to Orgrimmar > Fly to Azshara

Dalaran VendorsOrgrimmar VendorAzshara Vendors

Winterspring > Moonglade > The Barrens

Winterspring VendorsMoonglade VendorsThe Barrens Vendors

Stonetalon > Desolace > Thunder Bluff

Stonetalon Mountains VendorsDesolace VendorsThunder Bluff Vendors

Dustwallow Marsh > Feralas > Thousand Needles

Dustwallow Marsh VendorsFeralas VendorsThousand Needles Vendors

End at Tanaris > Hearth back to town.

Tanaris Vendors

Eastern Kingdoms Route

Start at Undercity > Tirisfal Glades > Western Plaugelands

Undercity VendorsTirisfal Glades VendorsWestern Plaguelands Vendors

Fly back or hearth to Brill (Undercity) take zepplin to Stranglethorn

Stranglethorn > Booty Bay > Fly to Swamp of Sorrows

Stranglethorn Vale VendorsBooty Bay VendorsSwamp of Sorrows Vendors

Alterac Mountains

2 items sell here, one that sells for about 150g profit so it’s worth the trip. I haven’t found an efficient way to incorporate it into the routes so for now I fly from Undercity to Tarren Mill walk east, just past river and follow path up mountain, takes 7 minutes to get there and visit both vendors.

Alterac Mountains Vendors

Vendor Profit Spreadsheet

Here’s my spreadsheet I used to track everything, it’s a little messy but it’s a good starting point to keep track of your profits, inventory, and a place you can put in new items that aren’t in this list yet.

That wraps up this article. If you know of any other good vendor flips not listed here I’d be interested to hear what is successful for you in the comments below so I can add it to the list.

If you need more gold and want to leverage this method with another gold making guide I’d recommend picking up WoW Schools guide as this works well with it and teaches other flips.

Be sure to subscribe to our free RSS feed or bookmark the homepage (ctrl+d) to know when the next article is coming out! Recommend this article to friends/guild mates, in forums or tweet it as it would really help out the site to get some exposure :) Good luck on your profits.

11 Responses

  1. balls of steel says:

    i got the same idea for a few days. i bought some recipes from tanaris and they sold pretty good. for me this is the most profitable way of flipping because since everybody is pretty bored from the actual content, their inst that much for resale on the ah.

  2. Bodda_ says:

    real nice guide

  3. Rotab says:

    Great list! Will certainly check ‘em out

  4. Anemic says:

    Usefull for druids only but very nice for starting on a new server:

    U can find the formula: runed arcanite rod in moonglade.
    This is the only spot where its found, and all enchanters need it.
    Ive bought 2 so far, they cost about 2g, and sold these for 70g.

    Easy to do whenever u are about to log or so

  5. Anon says:

    Slightly off topic but does anyone know what font is being used in the auction screenshot? It’s really attractive.

    If anyone knows I would really appreciate it :)

  6. Cyanight says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks, simple yet brilliant idea. I have been selling common shirts for 10G a pop consistently, and pets are also a real favourite.

    I’m still doing a bit of leg work making my process more efficient as I’m alliance so have had to do some research on WoW for certain vendors.

    Couple of ideas/suggestions, the pets only available to horde/alliance might sell nicely on the cross-faction AH (yet to try this). Also, if you are alliance, buy up all the vendor cats in Elwynn forest from Donni Anthania (near Northshire), these can all be sold for a very tidy proft (buy 40s, sell ~10g)

  7. Larey says:

    I usually go to the sepulcher in silverpine woods and buy about 20 at a time. Posting one at a time for 20 gold and i usually have to repost them daily as they sell. I seem to sell more on the weekend also. Not bad for a 2silver 50 copper recipe.

  8. Thomas Jespersen says:

    Thanks. Testing this right now. You forgot the Zangarmarsh map though.

    PS: Would love an alliance version :)

  9. Thomas Jespersen says:

    Forgot to say: I am setting up Quick Auctions for vendor items. It seems like a good choice to me

  10. jericho says:

    This is a great article, but should be prefaced as it is Horde side, I would love to see a follow-up for the Alliance side.

  11. phill says:

    I started using some of these ideas that you posted. Even if you stay in the city and just buy random recipes and list them for around $5-15 gold people buy them,,,I have also had luck with buying pets…but this adds a whole new level to everything…thanks for the articles and time you put into this…

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