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Kraklin On January - 14 - 2011

Cataclysm has introduced new elemental items that are heavily used in professions which are Volatile Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Life. The WOTLK versions were Eternal and Burning Crusade was Primals.

These items sell for a good amount since they are constantly in demand, although crafting items and selling them on the Auction House is a much faster way to make gold, farming is a great way to get initial gold if you are broke or need funds to powerlevel a profession.

I am on the hunt in Cataclysm to find the best items to farm for the highest gold/hour rate and when I looked at the auction house Volatile Air seemed to be in high demand across every server and seemed like a worthy item that could offer a high gold/hour reward for those looking to farm up some gold.

Here are all the best zones to farm Volatile Air and which one gives you the highest gold/hour and Volatile Air an hour. Starting with the best spot.

Uldum – Scion of Al’Akir at Orsis

uldum volatile farming spot

Out of all the spots I farmed in my trials I found the Scion of Al’Akir in Uldum to give the most volatile air, there are tons of them that spawn around the Orsis with about 4 that spawn inside. The spot isn’t camped to heavily and it’s easy to sneak up on them as a rogue since they remain standing in one spot facing south the whole time.

Volatile Air – 26 ( x 30g each = 780g)

Crackling crystals – 111 ( x 0.2073g each = 23g 1s)

Shimmering Shards – 30 ( x 0.4323g each = 12g 97s)

Total Gold An Hour = 816g 7s

Twilight Highland – Storm Vortex’s Above Victor’s Point

Storm Vortex

This is the most heavily farmed spot and for good reason. Storm Vortex’s spawn in a small circular area, there are about 4 single ones that spawn seperately within the inner circle in the pit while others pawn outside with a humanoid caster with them. I would usually just sap the humanoid and kill off the storm vortex and either vanish or just sprint to the next storm vortex in sight.

In an hour of farming this spot I looted the following:

Volatile Air – 21 ( x 30g each = 630g)

Crackling crystals – 60 ( x 0.2073g each = 12g 43s)

Shimmering Shards – 32 ( x 0.4323g each = 13g 89s)

Embersilk Cloth – 13 ( x 6g 30s each = 81g 90s)

Green Items – 2 ( x 25g value you could sell to an enchanter = 50g)

Total Gold An Hour = 788g 52s

Mount Hyjal – Howling Riftdweller below Shrine of Goldrinn

Initially I thought this would be a fantastic spot, not heavily farmed and you can get in a really good rhythm constantly killing these mobs, they are also level 80 which makes them the fastest to kill out of any of the other spots. However they have the lowest drop rate of volatile airs.

Spending an hour here I looted the following:

Volatile Air – 19 ( x 30g each = 570g)

Hoary Crystals – 164 ( x 0.1956g each = 32g 7s)

Efflorescing Shards – 32 ( x 0.25 each = 8g)

Greens = 3 ( x 25g value you could sell to an enchanter = 75g)

Total Gold An Hour = 685g 7s

Twilight Highlands – Enslaved Tempest at The Twilight Citadel

volatile air in twilight highlands

Even though WoWhead shows that these are the mobs with the highest drop rate of volatile air they are so spread out that it isn’t the most efficient place to farm them. The nice thing is that they do spawn by themselves, but other mobs do frequently path close to them.

Another thing I like about this farming spot is that you can also farm volatile fire and volatile water in the same area, I’ll share a bit about this below.

Here were my results farming for an hour:

Volatile Air – 18 ( x 30g each = 540g)

Crackling crystals – 71 ( x 0.2073g each = 14g 72s)

Shimmering Shards – 15 ( x 0.4323g each = 6g 45s)

Green Items – 3 ( x 25g value you could sell to an enchanter = 75g)

Total Gold An Hour = 636g 17s

Bonus Tip

While this spot may be the worst to farm volatile air’s only, if you are looking to make the most gold an hour by farming this place has an even higher gold/hour rate than the #1 farming spot at the top of this list.

I chose instead of only going after Enslaved Tempests to kill all the elementals (fire/water/air) and see how much gold/hour I could get in an hour of farming. Here’s how much I made:

Volatile Air – 18 ( x 30g each = 540g)

Volatile Fire – 6 ( x 20g each = 120g

Volatile Water – 15 ( x 20g each = 300g)

Crackling Crystals – 78 ( x 0.2073g each = 16g 17s)

Shimmering Shards – 28 ( x 0.4323g each = 12g 10s)

green items – 3 ( x 25g value you could sell to an enchanter = 75g)

Total Gold An Hour = 1,063g 27s

If you are going after only Volatile Air’s, then go to Uldum, but if you are trying to make gold to invest into professions (since they are the highest gold earner per hour) then I’d suggest heading over to Twilight Highlands at the Twilight Citadel and killing all the elementals you see and make over 1,000g an hour. Once you’ve made enough to invest into professions I recommend reading Markco’s Guide to quickly learn how to pull in thousands of gold a day with each profession. Good luck!

8 Responses

  1. This is a great post!!!

    Something else to keep in mind is that while you are in Twilight Highland is that you can farm all volatiles in and around this place. For instance follow the river on around and you will come across muddied elements, and they have a drop rate of about every 1-4 kills for Volatile Water. Plus you can get earth as well in the same place.

  2. Shamaenei says:

    I would prefer to normally farm(higher income/hr) and then just buy the mats with the gold made but a very nice post for those who prefer to just farm things they need at the places they can find it. Volatile Air is hard to get these days when farming mobs.

  3. WoWMidas says:

    I’d suggest an addition to your Twilight Citadel plan: activate “find fish” and periodically check the lava where volatile fire pools spawn.

    To fish the pools, only a skill of 1 is needed so any toon can do it. Reasonable respawn rates probably mean 15-20 pools per hours, each allows 2-5 catches of 1-2 volatile fire. In a perfect world with no competition, that’s over 75 volatile fires per hour.

    Regardless of how much competition there is, farming pools is well worth it because of how efficient it is. You only need fish if the pools are up, and it only takes a minute or two to fish each pool (usually 4-7 volatiles). So about 100g per pool.

    Since you’re farming the elementals anyway, it’s not like you’re sitting there fiddling thumbs while waiting to fish.

    Good luck!

  4. Cold says:

    Great post man. This is extra special for alchemists that are already in Uldum for their living elements transmutes anyways.

    Would have loved to have you included in theCataclysm Favorite Farming Spots Blogging Carnival. Maybe next month you can participate?

  5. Garregish says:

    I’ve been farming Uldum – Scion of Al’Akir at Orsis, for over an hour, killed over 40 of these and got nothing but shards. If these previously dropped volatile air, I suspect it was removed in a later patch, and certainly the drop rate is HIGHLY inflated to say the very least.

    • Kraklin says:

      that’s strange, I went back to test it out and still got around the same drop rate as I listed above, maybe you just got really unlucky.

  6. Majounette says:

    I can confirm the Scion’s volatil air drop rate is very versatile :

    * I farmed there Friday and got around 70 air in less than 2 hours,
    * I tried again yesterday, and gave up after bashing 35 mobs, and 0 air….

    Quite strange isn’t it ?

  7. Deniz says:

    As Garregish said i farmed Scion of Al’Akir at Orsis farmed for like 45min-1hr all i got was 21 volatile air… I was expecting more

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