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Kraklin On February - 13 - 2010

When the Love is in the Air event began I posted a spot to farm lovely charm bracelets that gave 20 Lovely Charm Bracelets every 10 minutes. However this has since been nerfed, along with every other vehicle or daily method to get bracelets.

For those who didn’t get to take advantage of the uldar spot to farm lovely charms I wanted to post an update to where you can currently farm them the fastest.

Markco from made a video of him farming them at the argent stand in Zul’Drak, this place has tons of mobs everywhere and respawn faster than you can kill them so definitely a good spot:

If you are farming the lovely charm bracelets as a way to make gold, then I’d say the best place to farm them is somewhere that not only gives you lovely charms but another item of value. 2 birds with 1 stone.

The best farming spot I’ve found for gold making that I always recommend to players who are low on gold is to go and farm iceweb spidersilks at this spot in Zul’Drak, At the farming spot I show below I looted 20 lovely charms in 10 minutes and 14 Iceweb Spidersilks.

20 x lovely charm = 2 lovely charm bracelets (selling for 25g each on my server) = 50g in 10 min

14 x iceweb spidersilk (sell for 7g each on my server) = 98g in 10 min

Total = 148g in 10 minutes, or 888g/hour

One other tip: you can get lovely charms from anything that gives experience or honor, if the queue times on your server are short for the BG Alterac Valley I’d suggest giving that a try, queue times are horrible for my server so I didn’t bother trying it.

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3 Responses

  1. anaalius says:

    Might be a little harder to get the Lucky charm’s in Av, im not 100% certain but i thought that the lucky charm’s were made on killing blow’s not Honourable kill’s

    but the zul’darak spot is pretty nice tho.

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t know about BGs, but in heroic dungeons this is not the case. I am a disc (healy) priest and I can usually come away with 4 lovely charms in a given NR heroic. No, that’s not great odds, but it’s evidence that the killing blow is not required. The odds are so low in dungeons that I suspect the drop rate of the charms is consistant in the heroics, but they are simply split up between 5 people. If the same is the case in BGs, you might find the drop rate to again be so low as to not be an efficient way to farm the charms.

  2. Justin says:

    A supprisingly goodway to also farm these is by going through Northrend Heroics with a few friends. At levl 85 you can breeze through one in about 10-15 min. and from my experience 1 heroic = about 3 necklaces WITH FRIENDS. You also get to vendor or AH all of the other goodies you get through this. Plus you get a few Justice points if I am not Mistaken.

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