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wowconfidential On September - 20 - 2007

[UPDATE: since the release of WOTLK I have updated this article for 70-80]

I would like to share with you some basic and advanced tips to greatly increase your efficiency while leveling and get you to level 70 the fastest.

While this is just a list of tips and advice, I would highly recommend getting Joana’s guide from level 1-70, this is the most popular guide and for good reason. The guide includes a full video of exactly what Joana did to level from 1-70, all the quests, zones and steps (sped up of course) on how to get to level 70 with all classes in 4 days of playing time. Go check it out Click Here!

as for now, here is my list of MUST DO’s while leveling:

1. Download the following add-ons:

  • nQuestlog & qComentlog: With these two add-ons it will show you which quests you currently have, and when you hold Alt while moving the mouse over a quest, a text box will appear showing you how to do the quest, with comments from very useful!
  • Cartographer: As soon as you get a quest, cartographer will place a marker on your world map where your quest objective is, this speeds up quests so fast, go around town, grab all the quests and complete them in groups.
  • FuBar & ExperienceFu - A bar that sits at the top of your interface that shows your experience per hour, and tracks how much more time until you hit your next level. You can make a game out of it to beat your record of experience per hour.

2. Spec for your classes best leveling talent build.

  • This is usually the spec that has the most damage output, go to your classes forum on world of warcraft and there should be a sticky at the top with the best leveling build for your class. I know many of you want to follow a pvp build, I enjoy pvp the most as well, however if your goal is to get to level 19, 29 or 70 and start pvping then it’s most efficient to respec pvp at that time.

3. Stay Solo.

  • You may think grouping up with others will speed up the leveling process. In my experience grouping really slows things down. By the time you form the group, deal with people being afk and getting ready, people leaving without notice and finding new people to replace them you could have gained a few levels already. Unless you want a break from leveling to tackle an instance or have friends that play I would recommend staying solo.

4. Turn these options on in your interface – Quick loot  and  Quick Quest Text. Takes 2 seconds, saves countless hours while leveling.

5. While you are traveling between quest destinations and going back to town to restock, kill ANY mobs that you see that con yellow to you or are 2 levels below you. This may not seem like much but what you are doing here is grinding and keeping your EXP per hour high.

6. One of the most basic tips – Log off in your main city or an Inn always! You gather rested experience while you sleep, and then get twice the experience while you are playing. Blizzards way of helping casual gamers keep up with the hardcore folks.

7. And of course.. have fun while doing all of this! while these tips may sound like work and a drill, you will find the game more enjoyable when you are progressing at a faster rate and moving on to bigger challenges!

Good luck leveling.

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8 Responses

  1. SwizzleDK says:

    well, reading this over the addons are ok, but instead of all those you should get carbonite(for questing, and the cartographer like map), and lightheaded, which is the same thing as qcommentlog but you dont have to hold alt. Instead, it gives you a seperate window next to your quest list. very helpful.

  2. Azerenza says:

    i agree you should get carbonite it gives you a seperate window right next to you quest list.

  3. JOhn says:

    Why did they take Carbonite out of the Addons in curse?

  4. Archi says:

    If i may post sites then i recommend using a guide on WOW-PRO.COM. Ofc u can use any other guide, but this one if free ( consider it as Mozilla-Firefox between browsers) and very efficient.

    I leveled so far 3 chars (balance druid, rogue, dk). it took me about 25 hours to get 1-59. Then i spent 3 hour/lvl on average to get 59-70. And 3,5 hour/lvl between 70-80. I would reccomend to get Questhelper (more then enough considering u will be using it for small “correction” and not major navigation)

  5. camp says:

    i want a lvl 80 so bad

  6. camp says:

    im lvl 21 hunter
    and cant wait till lvl 30

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