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Noblegarden is all about finding the hidden eggs. Here is our cheat sheet that tells you everything you need to know in one easy-to-read format. ¬†Click the picture above to download the PDF. Making Gold From Noblegarden The best way to make gold from Noblegarden is to sell any Spring Rabbit’s Feet you get either [...]

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The new cataclysm patch broke a lot of addons that we’ve grown accustomed to using. The beloved Skillet+LSWS+KTQ mix is broken and QuickAuctions 3 was ruined! Luckily for us QuickAuctions has been reincarnated under a different name and Gnomeworks (made by the creator of Lil’ Sparkys Work Shop) has a nice tradeskill window in Alpha [...]

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I recently stumbled on a new site that looks very promising to mine auction house data and statistics from. The site is called The Undermine Journal and it only opened up recently, about a week ago. This site is pretty similar to another one in the past I talked about and is now out of [...]

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This Stormwind AH trick has been around for a while but whenever I mention it to my alliance friends who’re into gold making they are surprised you can do it. There is a certain spot you can stand in Stormwind ontop of boxes where you can interact with the auction house NPC and check your [...]

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Are you making the most profit you could be from your current professions? Hitting the gold cap has given me a new found energy to really go for more gold, and as I sat back looking at my total income strategy I was pretty surprised at the state of my DK alt with Jewelcrafting and [...]

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If you are involved in any market on the auction house you have to deal with competition, some competition is more aggressive than others by the rate at which they cancel and undercut your items. Many times these competitors, and hopefully you, have a friends list of all their regular competition so they can monitor [...]

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I have sold the majority of the frozen orbs I’ve had stockpiled to flip for profit back at the start of patch 3.3.3 I still have an additional 100 left and whenever the price goes above 20g each I sell them off, but recently I reevaluated if I am getting the maximum value from each [...]

Posted by Kraklin 11 COMMENTS posted a great wow resource page the other week, in which we have been honored with a place in the economic section. As you can see there are a total of 7 “economy” blogs they have listed, but there are plenty around and I wanted to shine the light on a few of the [...]

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Recently I’ve noticed the amount of time I devote to making gold has dropped dramatically. From 4 hours a day to 1 hour and 40 minutes. This is due to a few factors, milling time has been reduced to 1 second, I only craft glyphs above a 9g threshold now (around 175 glyphs/day) and I’ve [...]

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I wanted to share with you guys an addon I’ve been playing around with a bit that exports your World of Warcraft beancounter sales data to excel. This is a little more advanced than the average player may want for their efforts, since beancounter already has a tab in game where you can type in [...]

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