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wowconfidential On February - 3 - 2010

Blizzard announced that they are working on implementing functionality to use the auction house on the page.

They state that it has been a long asked for feature to allow players to access the auction house via a website.

While I am excited as this may open up access to a whole bunch of juicy auction house stats and data to spot trends and  parse through, I am worried about one big thing:

“It’s important to note here that certain elements of the service will be premium-based” – Before I get too worried about that statement I will await their announcement of what exact “elements” will cost extra money here, but Blizzard has always stood by their notion that micro- transactions will not give players an advantage over ones who just pay the regular monthly subscription.

However for players who are serious about making lots of gold it will almost be essential as a part of their market research to analyze data that may not be available to them for free.

So when they say this will bring auction house functionality on the web, what does this mean? Will you be able to purchase items? post items?

Another big worry of mine is this could open up a whole other can of worms in the terms of web based addons/applications that can be created for gold farmers and exploiters to “bot” the auction house with those tools and basically ruin the economy for anyone else who doesn’t have these, just like it is pretty much a requirement to have Quick Auctions 3 to get any glyph sales to cancel/repost in reasonable time.

I’ll be on the look out for any news regarding this manner, but it is something I am very anxious about as it could have a big impact on the gold making aspect of the game.

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  1. Sarama says:

    I’m hoping this isn’t Blizzard’s attempt at micro-transactions. I don’t want to be charged for every posting/purchase I made over the web auction house. If it was a flat monthly fee or a one time fee, then I’d probably go through with it.

    Like you have said, if this will allow us to post/buy/cancel auctions, then I can see several websites popping that will launch to automatically cancel/re-list items for a player, or even automatically flip items on the AH for you.

    If it’s just going to be an official version of then I don’t think it will change the game much, at all.
    .-= Sarama´s last blog ..Auction House Series =-.

    • wowconfidential says:

      I don’t know for sure, but it sure looks like another way to milk some money from us with micro transactions.

      Even if it was a one time fee or a monthly flat rate to post auctions online, they must know that a lot of us go to school or work, and now players who pay that extra money will have an advantage as they can access the AH at those places when the rest of us who aren’t paying that premium won’t be able to.

      Also, will the connection require your authenticator if you have one? if not it seems like another avenue for you to get you account hacked.

      too bad not many people use it could be a great project but it just doesn’t have enough data… and I don’t know how accurate is.

      • Sarama says:

        Yes, at this point, I think it will just be a way to milk money from us, like you said, although they haven’t released much information about the details.

        Currently the Armory application for the iPhone doesn’t require that you enter your authenticator number, although the in-game interaction with that is very limited (I think you can just confirm raiding times from your calendar).

        The online Auction House you linked is pretty interesting, I’ve never seen that site, I wonder how they gather their data.
        .-= Sarama´s last blog ..Auction House Series =-.

  2. Plinth says:

    If there is any surcharge connected to it whatsoever – I’m hopping on the UI & Macros forum to join in the jeering.

    You may recall the death of “3rd party mods” for money. During the heated arguments many players lauded Blizzard for “keeping the playing field level” for all righteous gamers everywhere. It was Blizzard against the greedy add-on developers! Whoo-ha!

    So much for that level playing field when each of my toons have the best mounts, the soonest, all BoE epics, etc. because I can afford the AH surcharge.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest, if you believe that Blizzard has a stake in keeping the playing field level. I always saw it as a reluctance to share the wealth, imho.

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