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wowconfidential On December - 17 - 2009


If you have more than 50+ mail in your mailbox you must wait 30 seconds before the additional mail is loaded into your mailbox which makes retrieving mail a timely and annoying task.

Even with the addon Postal which allows you to click “open all” to retrieve all of your mail automatically, you must wait for 30 seconds after it auto loots the 50 mails to refresh the mailbox for the next set of 50 then manually right click the mailbox to start the retrieving process again.

Well there is a new addon that was developed by Zerotorescue. What it does is reload your mailbox every 10 seconds and attempts to auto loot the mailbox, using postal, so that you can be alt tabbed or AFK while automatically retreiving every single mail you have even if its more than 50.


You can download the addon here. Just ensure it is enabled in your addons and you’ll notice it automatically going to work when you open the mailbox.

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  1. Max says:

    I’d be concerned that this could be / is against the Terms of Service as it is automating clicks… much in the same way that the Auto-Milling addons are technically outlawed.

  2. wowconfidential says:

    It isn’t illegal because it’s not a third party program. It uses the coding in the lua that blizzard has provided so if you work within that respect you are clear.

    The addon is now available on curse, so I don’t think blizzard would ever ban or suspend an account that wanted to try out an addon posted on curse.

    Curse dl link –

  3. Arcanis says:

    Thanks, this has help me abunch with auctions!

  4. Zeferoth says:

    I realize this is an old post, but this is amazing!

    Saves a-lot of time opening mail, which seems to take up the majority of the little time I have.

  5. wowconfidential says:

    @Zeferoth& Arcanis
    glad it helped you guys out!

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