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wowconfidential On January - 28 - 2010

I enjoy playing the auction house by buying and selling items to flip for profit. It used to be my main source of making gold before I picked up inscription back in September 2009.

Buying and Reselling items for profit is great because it hardly takes any time. The auction house scan only takes 4 minutes using /auc getall and you can quickly buy up any underpriced items within 10 minutes, post them and then go back to playing the game.

The barriers to entry are very low as well, all you need is a weeks worth of scanned auctioneer data, a little market knowledge and you’re good to go. I learned a lot of market knowledge after reading Luke’s Guide and applied what I learned there to make huge profits from the Auction House.

Be sure to read up on the Auctioneer Addon Guide before trying to make gold using this method, it will teach you a lot.

Everyone always asks me what items I buy and sell to turn a profit, these series of articles will share which items I profit from and I’ll continue to post my profit results on a regular basis. You can check out my first report I did back on December 15th 2009 here – my highest profit auction house flipping items.

I was so busy with inscription that I only bought items a couple times in the past month; however here are the results from the last 30 days.

Playing the Auction House – Most Profitable Items

BoE items have always been my highest earner as the lower level ones can be very random and no one knows the true value unless they’ve scanned the AH or checked wowhead for how popular the items are. Unfortunately since heirloom items have become so popular the under lvl 70 market has dwindled, there is still huge profit to make from level 80 items and some still for lower level BoE items.

Under level 80 BoE’s

Item Name Bought for Sold for Profit Profit %
Destiny 100g 185g 85g 85%
Skycaller 2 x 15g 2 x 67g 104g 347%
Nightblade 70g 119g 49g 70%
Hurricane 110g 145g 35g 32%
Adamantite Plate Bracers 3 x 8g 57s 3 x 63g 163g 29s 635%
Seafoam Gauntlets 10g 75s 58g 56s 47g 81s 448%
Ring of Flowing Light 250g 345g 95g 38%
Toughened Leather Gloves 6g 50g 45s 44g 45s 740%
Judge’s Gavel 20g 50g 30g 150%
Total Profit 653g 55s 282% avg

Level 80 BoE’s

Item Name Bought for Sold for Profit Profit %
Bracers of Smothering Inferno 140g 324g 184g 131%
Singing Crystal Axe 2x 195g 2x 685g 980g 251%
Anger-Spark Gloves 2x 151g 2x 345g 388g 128%
Torn Web Wrapping 120g 645g 525g 438%
Circle of the Darkmender 2,000g 2,450g 450g 23%
Refined Ore Gloves 10g 38g 28g 280%
Total Profit 2,555g 208% avg

Crafting Materials and Enchant Scrolls

Another market that has been profitable in reselling has been lower level crafting materials that players use to level their professions and underpriced enchanting scrolls that enchanters dump onto the auction house when they are leveling up and just dump the scrolls on the AH without worry what the profits are.

Crafting Materials

Item Name Bought for Sold for Profit Profit %
Deep Peridot 19x 1g 44s 19x 5g 56s 78g 28s 286%
Golden Pearl 6x 4g 62s 6x 46g 81s 253g 14s 913%
Essence of Water 15x 1g 68s 15x 7g 62s 89g 10s 354%
Cobra Scales 43x 1g 37s 43x 4g 78s 146g 63s 249%
Netherweb Spider Silk 30x 1g 95s 30x 5g 16s 96g 30s 165%
Shadowgem 19x 2g 24s 19x 4g 1s 33g 63s 79%
Total Profit 697g 8s 341% avg

Enchant Scrolls

Item Name Bought for Sold for Profit Profit %
Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina 7x 1g 20s 7x 6g 43s 36g 60s 436%
Enchant Shield – Defense 4x 21g 51s 4x 49g 43s 111g 68s 130%
Enchant Boots – Dexterity 2x 26g 66s 2x 64g 64s 75g 96s 142%
Enchant Chest – Greater Defense 28g 42g 93s 14g 93s 53%
Enchant Boots – Icewalker 3x 10g 3x 31g 98s 65g 94s 220%
Total Profit 305g 11s 196% avg

Total Profit

The total profit from buying and selling over the last month comes to 4,210g 74s profit. I would estimate that I bought up items in 5-7 different sessions during the last month for a total time investment of 1 hour of scanning/buying and another hour and a half of posting.

As you get more and more experienced buying and selling on the auction house you’ll be able to spot profitable items better and seperate the good investments from the bad. Luke’s Guide was a good starting point for me to learn more about the different markets to gain this skill.

I’d be careful from buying things that are too risky, like the Circle of the Darkmender above that I was only able to sell for 2,450g but bought for 2,000g, I was worried the price would drop even further if I hadn’t gotten rid of it and made my gold quickly.

That’s it for now, be sure to subscribe to the RSS to be alerted when Report #2 is released as well as notifications for my other gold making posts.

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