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wowconfidential On December - 29 - 2009

The best way to make gold in World of Warcraft usually falls under professions and crafting. However opportunities and niches arise in the auction house when an items demand surpasses the supply which causes that item to either go out of stock or spike in price.

This has occured recently on my server with Iceweb Spider Silk. The price has gone up from an average of 4g to 10g each for an entire week as it is used in crafting Brilliant Spellthread which has gone up in demand since patch 3.3 hit.

Due to this increase in price it has brought the opportunity cost of going out to farm it high enough (800g/hour) that it is worth my time. It has become more profitable than some of my other gold making activities aside from Inscription. I combine farming and Luke’s methods to get the most gold an hour.

This is a great method to earn gold if you do not yet have professions or have ones that don’t earn that much gold, anyone can go out and farm at this spot.

Results in 15 minutes of farming

19 Iceweb Spider Silks at 9g each = 171g
Selling Greys = 22g
D/E 1 green = 15g
Total = 208g in 15 minutes

60/15 = 4 runs an hour = 832g/hr

Addons used in the video

Mini-map and large map – Carbonite

Buttons – Bartender 4

Unit Frames – Pitbull

Bag – ArkInventory

Tooltips on items (auction house amount) – Auctioneer

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17 Responses

  1. cencredas says:

    is there somewhere where you list list all the addons that you use?

  2. Barrakk says:

    Can you do some videos taking this methods write down what you got then calcutate it on another server

  3. Timothy says:

    YOur on my server!

  4. wowconfidential says:

    @cencredas look at the last part of the article, they are listed there

    @Barrakk That would take a lot of time to go on every server, just visit your auction house and if the price of iceweb spider silks are greater than 3g each then it’s probably worth it to go farm

    @Timothy cool, send me a mail or send me a message to Skelebones

  5. Arcanis says:

    Hi i have been a fan ever since i seen one of your videos your a big help for me and this vid is helping me get my epic flyer!

  6. iostus says:

    what timer addon are you using?

  7. wowconfidential says:


    It comes with the default UI, click the clock at the bottom of your mini map and it should come up.

  8. wowconfidential says:


    Thank you for the support, I wouldn’t be doing these videos unless it helped people out. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Somedude says:

    Hey, tried this on my warrior, got 5000 gold in week doing this between raids and in random ques =)

  10. healingbeast says:

    Dude it helps alot i havent payed much attention to it but i just now relized that iceweb spidersilk can sell for so much, ty. the farming spot helped alot

  11. Bingo the pally says:

    iv done that a few times it really works

  12. Hmmm says:

    Hmmm love ur vids even though i dont play wow anymore :S bad times, oh ye and ur a legend

  13. Quantum says:

    Hey dude what server u on and this has helped so much i showed my friend this and has hit the gold cap on 7 toons

  14. trenton says:

    yea i saw your guide and im in zangermash server and im alli what is a good way to make 1to2 thousand gold an hour for my charcters

  15. Branden says:

    Hey I LOve ur video Ive found on my server allot of ppl can Be rly Lazy for posting Spider silk, Ive set the Price allot of times making around 50-80 until 2 many are posted. I appreciate seeing other players Show Instruction ON how 2 earn More income faster. IM wondering If you Know anything about Eternals & wear i might find More of that specific kinda Loot.

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