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Kraklin On March - 2 - 2010

Mining Mithril Ore Badlands

A great way to make gold in the game is to go back and farm old world herbs and ore.

One item I see consistently going for a high amount is Mithril Ore so I set out to find the best zone to mine this ore the fastest.

Two zones that are considered the best to mine Mithril Ore are the Badlands and the Hinterlands so I set up a mining route and timed each one to see which gave the mithril ore in the least amount of time.

Mining Mithril Ore in The Hinterlands

First destination I set out on was the Hinterlands, if you search on you’ll see that the Hinterlands has 143 possible Mithril Ore nodes (the most out of any zone).

This may seem like a lot but many of the nodes are in hard to reach areas that are annoying to get to, here’s the route I’ll be taking:

mining mithril ore hinterlands

The circled red area is a hot spot, you’ll almost always find at least 2-3 mithril nodes up there. Elite mobs and dragons roam around but the dragonkin have a very small aggro range so it isn’t that much of a problem.

Two annoying parts of this route exist, one is at the far south in Jintha’alor where you need to climb multiple steps and zig zag through paths to work your way to 3 nodes, while it may seem a waste of time you’ll usually find a node or two up there always. The 2nd annoying part is the very steep mountain at the south east side, make sure you don’t fall off or you’ll die for sure, you’ll need to run all the way north and then work your way back south to get back up the ramp to continue the route.

Results of Mining in The Hinterlands

I spent 42 minutes and 43 seconds doing 2 complete circuits of this route and here’s what I ended up with:

Item Amnt Worth Per Unit Total
Mithril Ore 73 2.09 152.57
Truesilver Ore 4 3.90 15.60
Iron Ore 8 1.48 11.84
Solid Stone 110 0.22 24.50
Heavy Stone 9 0.75 6.72
Aquamarine 3 5.36 16.08
Gold Ore 11 2.44 26.84
Dense Stone 2 0.04 0.08
Black Vitriol 1 0.89 0.89
Thorium Ore 2 1.36 2.72
Total 257.83

Given the values of all those items on my server I made 257g 83s in 42 minutes which equals 360 gold an hour. We get 104 Mithril Ore an hour doing this mining route.

Mining Mithril Ore in The Badlands

Next up is the Badlands. I like this zone as it is pretty flat and most areas are very easy to get to, not that many caves or steep mountains.

Here is the route I used to mine mithril ore in the badlands:

Mining Mithril Ore Badlands

Again, the red circles are the hot spots where I would always find mithril ore every time I travelled by. Especially the far west region I’d normally get 2-3 mithril ore nodes every time.

The great thing about the badlands is this route takes half the time as the Hinterlands route does.

Results of Mining in the Badlands

I was able to complete 3 circuits of this route within 35 minutes 32 seconds and here’s what I ended up with:

Item Amnt Worth Per Unit Total
Mithril Ore 84 2.09 175.56
Iron Ore 50 1.48 74
Solid Stone 89 0.22 19.82
Heavy Stone 65 0.74 48.52
Gold Ore 2 2.44 4.88
Silver Ore 2 6.7 13.4
Moss Agate 1 11.8 11.8
Total 347.98

Calculating the totals of all item worth in gold = 348g in 35 min which equals just about 600g an hour, not bad for something a level 40 can do. We get 144 Mithril Ore an hour mining in badlands.

So the evidence points to The Badlands giving the most Mithril Ore an hour as well as the most gold an hour. This is a small sample size and I’ll do some further research when I come back here and add to the averages but I felt that badlands was much faster as you didn’t have to deal with awkward areas of the map like in the hinterlands.

Tanaris is one more zone that has a lot of Mithril Ore in it but I recall mining in that zone very recently and it felt very bare, however I’ll run that zone shortly and add my results here.

I’ll be doing this research for all Ores and Herbs that are in demands and can fetch a lot of gold on the auction house, it would also be wise to build up an inventory of these old world materials before Cataclysm hits.

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3 Responses

  1. Raaj says:

    I like the Badlands route and have been doing it whenever I need money on a new server. In addition to mining, I like to kill whelps on my way through the red area on the east side of the map. I generally find a Dark Whelping on each character that I take through this, which adds another 1500-2500 gold to your total randomly. It doesn’t take long to clear out the canyon and it helps break up the tedium of mining a little.

  2. ProACE says:

    I have leveled Mining for 3 characters and I always go to Badlands for the Iron/Mithril phase. It is by far the best. The two areas of Red Circles are the best. Also in the SouthEast section…go into the cave with the ogres. It usually has a couple of nodes.
    .-= ProACE´s last blog ..Blizzard announces Cata Gear/Stat Changes =-.

  3. Deiru says:

    Just use the addon called Wetspot. It switches between ores and herbs for you. You can choose between 2 seconds and 15 seconds.

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