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Kraklin On February - 16 - 2010

I finally made the decision to transfer off of the Tichondrius server and continue my journey to hit the gold cap on another realm.

Many elements contributed to my decision to finally leave but one barrier that existed was the large amount of gold I wanted to bring with me as the limit to the amount of gold your character can transfer with is 20,000g.

Here is how I transfered off the server while bringing my 150,000g capital along for the ride.

Take Stock of What You Got

character transfer inventory

The first order of business was to determine my liquid gold amount (90,000g) and how much inventory space I had available. With this information I can figure out how many items I need to get rid of and how many high priced items I need to fill up my inventory with to drop my liquid gold amount to 20,000g.

The issue was I had negative inventory space, between having 3 posting alts with full inventories of glyphs and 3 bank tabs in my guild bank (full of herbs) that needed to be moved to my characters personal bank which was already full.

I needed to get rid of excess inventory and make as much room as possible to invest high value items into each slot that was available to me.

Depending on how fast you want to get off the server will determine how much of a loss you are going to have between the maximum value of the goods you are looking to liquidate. I wanted to leave the next day so I stopped all crafting activies and listed all my glyphs at 3g 45s with a 25 silver undercut, this means that every time someone undercut one of my glyph auctions I’d go another 25s under to a minimum of 50s.

Next I milled every herb I had sitting in my guild bank tabs, this sucked as it took 3 hours to do, while it may seem faster to just post them all on the AH to sell and get rid of, I needed them for my glyph business and need to process them into inks of the sea sometime in the future anyways so might as well do it now.

That pretty much cleared out my bank tabs and gave me enough room to fit everything on my character, but I still had an extra 90k+ gold to invest into items.

Which Items to Invest In?

I busted out the trusty ol’ excel spreadsheet and got ready to plug in some item prices between my destination servers market and my existing servers auction house. Obviously buying out the items that were lower priced on my server and higher on the other.

The items needed to be as high in price as possible per slot, so items that stacked to 20 (like epic gems) were good candidates, or items that had a high item value such as Darkmoon Card: Greatness or Battered Hilts.

One thing I noticed was coming from a high population server and moving down to a medium population was items that are commonly found in raids – Battered Hilts, Primordial Saronite, BoE ICC items were lower priced on the high pop server and higher on the lower pop, this is due to more raiding activity going on and thus more supply on the high population server.

The same goes for the other way around, in-demand crafting materials such as frost lotus and arctic fur were more expensive on the high population server and less on the low pop server; I think because they are in higher demand on the high pop server.

What I Ended Up Buying with 70,000 Gold

character transfer inventory

Check out the screenshot to see my complete inventory (click to enlarge)

Notable Items Bought:

17,100 liquid gold
Battered Hilt = 2 x 9,000g = 18k
Primordial Saronite = 13 x 1700g = 22.1k
Various Epic Gems = 62 x 160g avg = 9.9k
Nobles Deck = 4 x 3,500g = 14k
Titanium Razorplate = 2,200g
Circle of the Darkmender = 1,500g
Flask of Endless Rage = 20 x 40g = 800g

Total = 68.5k, along with some other small item purchases like titanium ore etc. I expect to pull a profit on some of these items but you need to be careful of the 5% AH cut. (Ex Battered Hilt sells for 11k on AH = 550g cut)

I have already sold all my Primordial Saronite and at the time of this writing there is a bid of 11,000g on one of the battered hilts, I’ll wait and slowly sell the epic gems and other items as not to overflood the AH and drive prices down.

I’m Back in Action! Time to Hit the Gold Cap

My inscription business is already all set up and ready to go on this next server, made 3 posting alts to manage my glyphs and I brought with me about 60 of my best selling glyphs. I’ve crafted 5 x of every glyph above 5g and have already begun covering the market.

Quick list of benefits of being on this new server:

1. Latency improved from an average of 140 to 40 (I’m in Toronto, and my old server was located in Los Angeles, the server I transfered to is in Boston, much closer)

2. No more queue times during peak hours

3. Server reliability is much better on this server and I won’t have nights I can’t craft because of too many people logging in

4. While being on a higher pop server gives you more sales I didn’t go down in population too much, this new server is just on the brink of medium to high pop, so a little less competition as well.

So stay tuned as I keep reporting back my journey to hit the gold cap. I am also running another project along side which is making a level 55 DK and trying to see how fast I can get to 5,000g then 10,000g starting from scratch, more on this project in tomorrow’s post.

10 Responses

  1. Sarama says:

    Good luck on your new server. It was nice having another AH guy on the same realm, but it’s cool you were able to get off w/out losing money (too much, at least).

    I’ve heard of people getting banned for manipulating the economy when they transfer like this, though. (Bringing large amounts of items with them to sell for a gain on the new server).
    .-= Sarama´s last blog ..The Gold Cap – A Detailed Explanation =-.

    • Kraklin says:

      Thanks, looks like I left at a good time if you just hit 450 JC as I was getting ready to go in the JC market as well

      Was going to post my straetgies here, and would have sucked to have someone else competing with me that knew my every move :)

      I read up on the legality of buying up tons of items and transfering, found a blue post ( link: ) that said “this is a high risk undertaking and blizzard cannot compensate you if items are lost during transfer or don’t sell for what you expect” so I’m pretty sure I’m clear there.

  2. Sarama says:

    Do you only have a single character with crafting abilities? Or did you transfer all of your characters over? I’d hate to have to leave behind a character with a max level crafting profession.
    .-= Sarama´s last blog ..The Gold Cap – A Detailed Explanation =-.

    • Kraklin says:

      I had 1 level 80 on that account with Inscription and Engineering (for PvP), I started a DK and got him to 65, had JC and Ench at around 150 so not TOO much time invested and the new DK is already at level 60 and picking up the new professions for my side project.

  3. Brian Inman says:

    I thought I was addicted to AH farming when I played. It seems some of you take it to a whole new level. It is like you guys are the Walmart to my mom and pop shop.

    Anyways I love hearing about how you hit the gold cap, and how you do it on a daily basis.
    .-= Brian Inman´s last blog ..Orvr in Warhammer is Still Boring =-.

    • Kraklin says:

      haha yea, well I devote almost all my playtime to just gold making activities and analysis of the auction house market, (around 2-3 hours a night after work)

      It may seem like overkill for the average player who finds it “boring” or doesn’t want to spend more than 30 minutes a day gold making so I’m focusing my research on gold making methods that can be done in the least amount of time for the highest gold return.

      Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy the articles and there’s a lot more to come :) you might also want to check out Tella’s blog – she’s at like 600,000g but haven’t seen her post for a while.

  4. anaalius says:

    Glad to here the transfer went well.

    hope you make a profit on the transfer or at leave break even and good luck on getting the gold cap !

    • Kraklin says:

      Thanks Anaalius, both battered hilts have now sold as well at 1k higher than I bought them for, all P. Saronites were sold at cost as well so I’m pretty much in the clear, just need to get rid of these epic gems.

  5. Anon says:

    Do you think the spread/volume tradeoff is worth it from high to mid pop servers? Like you said crafting stuff mats will be cheaper on mid pop servers so you’ll make more making glyphs, but you have a smaller market.

    Also, why did you bring so much ink of the sea when you can convert to snowfall and bring 10x more

  6. Tiuku says:

    Ey! Just a tip that quite a nice way to xrealm gold would be using engineering choppers. atleast that’s what I’d probly do :]

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