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Kraklin On February - 18 - 2010

frost lotus droprate increase

It has just been announced on the official wow forums that the drop rate for Frost Lotus has been increased by 50%.

This now means that the drop rate has increased from 5% to 7.5%.

Impact on the Market

Frost Lotus Price

The average price on most servers for frost lotus is typically around 45-65g per. With a 50% increase in drop rate you can expect the price to drop roughly 40%.

A few things to consider with frost lotus is most players farm it to get [x] number of frost lotus to make flasks to supply their raid then they are DONE, they will not continually farm.

This means that the time spent getting frost lotus is reduced by 50% and not so much the supply going up by 50%.

If this was an item that dropped more often from mobs/bosses that would be different since the boss is usually killed the same amount of times before and after a drop increase and the supply increase would match the drop increase, but not in this case.

Price of other Northrend Herbs

You’d think that an increased drop rate in frost lotus price would mean that more players will be going out to farm this, thus MORE Adder’s Tongue, Icethorn, Lichbloom and other Northrend herbs on the auction house = price decrease.

I think that there will be an opposite effect, most herbalists are alchemists and know that their profits lie in frost lotus, 2 of my herb farmers explicitly tell me “Hey, I’ll sell you all my adders/icethorn as I only farm for frost lotus anyways” meaning that they will get frost lotus faster thus LESS extra adder’s/Icethorn that they will post on the auction house.

Prediction: Prices of Icethorn, Adder’s, Lichbloom and other NR herbs will increase. Also more flasks will be made (due to higher sales of flasks at lower price point) which will result in more demand for goldclover and icethorn which are used in flask making.

Sell All Your Frost Lotus Now!

One thing that is for sure is the price of frost lotus will plummet come next Tuesdays maintenance when this goes live. Sell all your frost lotus as soon as possible!

Prices of Flasks will drop

With the decrease in price of the most expensive reagent of flasks you will see a significant price drop. This will not only lower the price and production cost but also I think the demand of flasks will rise a bit for casual raiders at this lower price point.

I say a bit because regular/hardcore raiders will always use flasks, with this lower price point you’ll see more casuals picking it up.

Overall this will decrease the “worth” of gold in the game, seeing as how a major expenditure for the mass population (raiders) is now going down in price and gold will now have less use. Bind on Equip items however will always inflate to “the highest people are willing to pay” so the value of gold still has meaning with rare and high demand items.

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  1. Sarama says:

    Excellent article, I believe all of your points are very valid. It’s amazing how many things are tied together and how increasing the drop rate of 1 thing can change the market on so many other things.
    .-= Sarama´s last blog ..The Gold Cap – A Detailed Explanation =-.

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