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Wingman On January - 29 - 2010

After writing the article on how to make gold from jewelcrafting in WoW, I got a lot of emails from readers that rare gems were garbage and were no longer worth cutting or selling. This, combined with what Random Dungeon Finder has done to the auction house prices of enchanting materials supposedly rendered the prospecting of Saronite that I spoke so fondly of, useless. I beg to differ.

I thought of a little project that coincided well with that post. Too many people were camping my previous bank alt by having him on friend list to see when he’d post and habitually post after he had finished posting. So I created a new bank alt, sent her some leftover bags from my tailor and set about seeing how good prospecting Saronite really was. I withdrew a bunch of saronite from my personal guild bank, got prospecting and started selling off rare gems and infinite dust from disenchanting the rings and necks as referred to in the guide. Here is how the first day went:

So, what gems do I cut? In short, as mentioned in the JC guide I cut all of them without exception. KTQ / Skillet allow me to maintain an inventory of 5 of each gem so if they don’t sell, more of them won’t be cut. A few of the better performing cuts were:

Purified Twilight Opal – This one is from a BOE pattern you can buy from the AH and seems popular among casters and healers.

Smooth Autumn Glow – Even though most of these sell for around 10g, one of them sold at my 75g QA fallback which made me warm inside.  Not many people have this cut due to it being from Hodir reputation which increases its value.

Enduring Forest Emerald – Newly levelled tank alts (especially DK’s) like to buy these to boost their health and reach defence cap since most of the starting gear doesn’t have much.

Delicate Scarlet Ruby – Most red gems sell well due to them having the prominent stats but I’ve noticed these ones doing well for me since everyone has the spell power one.

I’d probably start with these ones if you’re just starting out or are low on stock, but definitely aim to get more designs. Especially so with rare gems since they’re cheaper, you can never predict which ones people are going to use. All you need to do is inspect people in Orgrimmar or Stormwind to see some of the weird gemming combinations some players have to know that your design collection needs to be vast.

I’ve found that the majority of rare gems sell just before raid time, presumably due to new 80’s wanting to have their gear looking proper before trying to get into a raid. This is unlike epic gems – most sell before midnight when most people are done raiding and need to socket their new purples.

What I’ve been doing is making 5 of every gem cut, mailing them off to my bank alt and she lists them on the AH. I’ve been doing this twice a day but have only used the QA cancel feature once, just before raid time in order to re-undercut some turkey who dumped a lot of gems on.

The decision to disenchant or vendor rests on how well infinite dust sells on your realm. For me, the breakeven point is at around 1g10s so I disenchant mine since it’s selling for higher. If it is selling for less than that, or you prefer to spend less time on it then I recommend just vendoring them; the outcome is quite similar. The added advantage of disenchanting them though is that it gives you materials to create enchanting scrolls which generally sell at a mark up to the raw materials. Watch for a guide on enchanting in the near future.

So here’s the proof of in-game progress over the past 3 days, essentially since writing the guide and creating the new bank alt.

Not too shabby :)

I’d love to hear what is happening on your own realms.

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  1. Deimonia says:

    I would have to agree with you, at least on the Bronzebeard realm the gems still do well. I sell the ones you’ve mentioned. The Runed Scarlet Ruby goes for a bit more. It usually sells between 70 – 85 gold. Then again cardinal ruby’s sell around 50 gold. I’m on the Horde side and our population is smaller than Alliance.
    .-= Deimonia´s last blog ..Guinea pigs = Cuteness overload; Volunteer rambles and WoW’s paid vanity pets =-.

  2. Villainus says:

    I’m definitely onboard. I’ve seen nothing but a sharp increase in blue-quality gem cuts since the release of patch 3.3. New gear acquisition is gated because of the raid content so epic gem prices stay high and out of reach of many. My Scarlet Ruby cuts average 75g, Solid Sapphires 25g, Autumn’s Glows 35g and the hybrid colors are all around 15-20g.
    Since I’ve jacked the price of Chalcedony and Dark Jade up to 15g each, these pay for the Saronite Ore themselves. This makes all the rare gems from Prospecting pure profit.
    .-= Villainus´s last blog ..Vendor Pets =-.

  3. Aqelmo says:

    That last screen shot, is that a mod or web page?

    • Wingman says:

      Neither, it’s the ingame achievement panel. Ingame, press Y to go to acheivements, then hit statistics tab at the bottom. From here if you navigate to Character -> Wealth you can similar statistics for your own character. These are also visable when inspecting another character on your realm if you right click on them and press Compare Achievements.
      .-= Wingman´s last blog ..Jewelcrafting Best Selling Rare Gems =-.

  4. Fearmemortals says:

    That 11 grand is gross profit. Because you had already prepurchased the ore and withdrew it from your vault to test your theory the net data is burried beneath the percieved profit.

    just saying is all

  5. Calidity says:

    Im always wondering. How exactly are you posting so many auctions (1230) and not flood the market? Do you have enough patterns to the point where you can make 3-4 gems per design and post all of those?


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