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Wingman On January - 26 - 2010

It’s no secret at all that Jewelcrafting is one of the best professions to make easy wow gold with. Jewelcrafting made thousands in Burning Crusade, hundreds of thousands in Wrath of the Lich King and will probably make me millions in Cataclysm.

Jewelcrafting is one of the most popular professions for raiding purposes for the additional stats for your character, but I’m about to share with you the best ways to profit from jewelcrafting.

This method earns even higher gold an hour when combined with WoW Schools Guide, be sure to read up on it.

I will endeavour to combine both simple and advanced techniques to give some ideas to readers of all levels.

Making Gold With Jewelcrafting

Prospecting Titanium Ore

Firstly, you need gems. They can be sourced from prospecting either saronite ore or titanium ore. From each stack of titanium ore, you average 1.1 epic gems, 3 titanium powders (more on this later), 1 rare gem, and 4.4 green quality gems. From this, you cut the epic and rare gems and sell them on the AH and sell the powders unless you need them for designs. Finally, with the green quality gems you should make them into Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citrine Necklace and Sun Rock Ring. As a worst case scenario in my numbers, I’m just going to vendor these items for 3g14s although on many servers, despite the recent price crash, you’d do well to disenchant them (if you have an enchanter) and then sell the mats (or use them in scrolls!). The other two, Dark Jades and Shadow Crystals can be vendored (be sure to cut them first to earn more), or made into meta-diamonds by an alchemist.

Average cut Epic gems, 1.1 * 200g = 220g

Powders, 3 * 20g = 60g

Average cut rare gem, 1 x 15g = 15g

Green quality gems, (4/6) * 4.4 * 3.14g = 9.2g

Trash gems, (2/6) * 4.4 * 50s = 73s

Total of the above = 305g, so if titanium ore costs less than this then buy it, if it’s not, don’t. Of course you can mend the prices above to suit your own realm as they do vary widely. Just check the prices of cut gems on your realm first.

Prospecting Saronite Ore

Similarly, with saronite ore a similar process can be done.  From saronite prospecting, you get the same results as above, minus the epic gems and powders. Following the same instructions from above, the numbers look like this:

Average cut rare gems, 1 x 15g = 15g

Green quality gems (4/6) * 4.4 * 3.14g = 9.2g

Trash gems, (2/6) *4.4 * 50s = 73s

Total of the above = 25g, so again if saronite ore costs less than this to buy than you should do so. Again, mend prices to match those found on your realm if need be. Alternatively, on some realms, the trash gems sell on the Auction House for decent value – be sure to check on yours.

Buying Gems From the AH

The third tactic for sourcing gems in WoW is straight off the AH. Assuming you have a few good designs, you can buy uncut gems, cut them and then sell them back onto the AH often for about 25 gold margin. Not bad for a couple of seconds work. This achieves 2 things simultaneously – firstly by buying the uncut gems you’re reducing the supply of them preventing your competitors from doing it, and secondly you’re pushing non-jewelcrafters in the direction of (your) precut ones if they can’t find an uncut gem. I’ve had a lot of success buying up uncut gems on a Monday or Tuesday when they’re cheapest and selling the cut ones an hour before most guilds raid on a Wednesday or Thursday. Check for similar trends on your realm to make the most gold with jewelcrafting.

The ore for Jewelcrafting can be bought from the AH if it meets your price level as determined in this section. If the AH is a little above your price level, or you’ve already bought it all (happens to me, often) then you could try buying in trade channel for a lower price. My personal favourite however is to get reliable suppliers. Send a message to miners in your guild, or people you see mining in various Northrend zones and ask if they want a good customer. Many of them COD their ore to me on a daily basis, and sometimes at a discount because it saves them time finding a buyer or paying AH deposit fees.

Which Jewelcrafting designs make the most gold?

Well eventually, all of them. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t min-max or try to meet socket bonuses that they shouldn’t.  If you’re just starting out however it would be worth your while just to get some of the most common ones for each class. These are:

Tanks: Stamina (Solid), Stamina + Dodge (Regal) or Stamina + Defence (Enduring)

Casters: Spellpower (Runed), Spellpower + Haste (Reckless), or Spellpower + Spirit (Purified)

Physical Damage (depends on which class): Agility (Delicate), Strength (Bold), Attack Power (Bright) are the main ones, then combinations of those + hit or crit.

Healers: Same as for casters but some healers like to gem Intellect (Brilliant) or Haste (Quick), or combinations of these + Spellpower.

To begin with I’d recommend getting designs of each colour so that you can utilise all the results of your prospecting. If you’re prospecting titanium you can also use the powder to speed up your design acquisition. The more of them you have, the more opportunities become available to you. Personally, I have 2 jewelcrafters, one has all the rare gem patterns and the other has all the epic gem patterns.  If you’re serious about being a profitable jewelcrafter, you’ll do whatever you can do to procure additional designs as these are your lifeblood. Buying 40 titanium powder for one epic design may sound expensive (on my server works out around 700g) but this is cheaper than the designs were in BC, and only takes about 30 gems to pay for itself. Keep an eye out for Damaged Necklaces on your AH as well, these can be turned in for a token.

Cutting the Gems

Anyone who has tried JC and hasn’t enjoyed it or made scary amounts of gold from it was probably because they were trying to do everything manually, which simply takes too long.

Right now, head to your favourite addon website and download KTQ (Short for KevTool Queue). This has two pre-requisites / dependencies, Skillet (which changes your profession interface, allowing for queueing) and Altoholic (which stores information about your alts inventories).

What this basically does is cut a set number of every design you have based on how many you have. For example, let’s say you open your jewelcrafting panel and type /KTQ queue 5 raregems, this will make 5 of every rare gem that you know how to make, minus the ones your bank alt already has (as reported by Altoholic). This is excellent because in a day you may sell all of one design and none of another, and KTQ will replenish your inventory accordingly. I highly recommend sending them off to a level 1 bank alt to store and sell as they will take up too much space in your main character’s bags.

Dealing with the AH

Everyone has their own interests in WoW and personally I’m not very social. I don’t do the whole trade channel “JC LFW 10g” thing. If it works for you and you have the spare time to do it then go ahead. I’d like to share how to dominate the gems section of the AH.

One obvious tip that many jewelcrafters overlook is timing. To sell more gems as well as get more for each one then they need to be on the market when most buyers are buying. The single biggest time people are buying gems is when either a new raid is released or a new arena season begins so ensure you take full advantage of that. On a daily basis, most people buy their gems after raids when they’ve won new equipment or shortly after arena points are calculated.

I’ve tried many addons for selling gems, but the best one I’ve found for this is Quick Auctions. I highly recommend setting up 2 categories, one for each rare and epic gems, then add each of your cut gems to those categories. These are the settings in QA that I use; feel free to test them on your realm and adjust accordingly. I use 12 hour auctions to reduce the deposit fees paid, especially given majority of gems sell within this timeframe.

Rare – Threshold: 6g; Undercut: 1c; Fallback: 70g.

Epic – Threshold 90g; Undercut: 1g; Fallback: 280g.

Dealing with undercutters

It is quite likely that people will begin to undercut your gems on the auction house. There are ways to handle this, and which to use depends on the circumstances. With practice you can recognise the signs quickly and easily. Generally speaking, if people undercut you by a large margin then I recommend buying them to list at the price you prefer. If it’s a smaller amount, perhaps just use the cancel feature in Quick Auctions to relist them back under his. Yes, this costs another deposit fee but that is easily absorbed into the profit earned. From then onwards it would be wise to watch when they post their gems so you can post yours afterwards, to prevent them from being undercut.

Another method of dealing with being undercut is by simply not allowing your competitors to do so. If you buy up all the raw epic gems on the AH your competitors can no longer cut them, if you buy up all the Eternal Earths on the AH your competitors can no longer make the jewellery to disenchant.  The same can be done with Saronite Ore. The more of it you procure, the less rare gems your competitors will have access to. To my friends on other realms and I, there is no such thing as ‘too much of it’ as more can always be stored in an alt’s guild vault or its mailbox.

As an advanced technique I’ve even purchased the ore just to vendor it in order to reduce my competitors’ slice of the action. For example, if ore costs 14g and vendors for 12.5g then it costs 2.5g per stack – or perhaps an investment of say 1,250g for 500 stacks for that ore not to be prospected by my competitors. Even though he extra few gold that each gem can then be sold easily justifies this cost, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve already filled your guild vault with ore that hopefully you’ll eventually prospect.

I hope this guide has been helpful, stay tuned for the full Jewelcrafting Guide E-book that is currently being created with video walkthroughs, spreadsheets and specific examples of hundreds of thousands of gold made from this method.

Check out how this method can be combined with WoW Schools Guide to make the most gold an hour.

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  1. Archi says:

    I would also reccomend to post at least 3 of each green/blue rings/necklaces at AH for lvling pple. I manage to sell them all on low pop server (even more on my other high pop server)

  2. adelleda says:

    i don’t understand why you aren’t selling your dark jade, cheldancy, shadow crystals, I easily get 5-10g each. Lots of JC’s buy these for their icy prisms!

    • Wingman says:

      Yeah, definitely could. It’s more a matter of whether they sell on your realm and whether you have the time / inclination to do so. Personally I have 2 guildbank tabs of backlog on them so I’m happy to just vendor them since the profit margin is still there.

      Check prices on your realm, if it’s favorable go for it :)

      • bachus says:

        Another thing … if you can get them for 50s each .. buy them! As I discovered by cutting about 500 shadow crystals about 20% will be “Perfect Something Shadow Crystal” and these will vendoring for 1g each so you can calculate with ~60s each overall

  3. Sarama says:

    I just got my Jewelcrafting to 450. I can’t wait to put this tutorial to good use.
    .-= Sarama´s last blog ..The Gold Cap – A Detailed Explanation =-.

  4. Thomas says:

    Can someone tell me why i can’t put weapon enchants on Armor Vellums III

    • kenjou says:

      Because weapon enchants are suposed to be put in Weapon Velluns III
      The rest of the echants are for Armor Vellums III

  5. rogue says:

    hmm i will try this i currently have a lvl 70 alt who is 450 jc with about 11 epic designs. I dnt like to sit in trade with the jewelcrafting LFW thing either. but i will definitly download those addons i make roughly 200-800g a day with all my toons profs my main is a LW/lvling jc) but its not enough to keep my main going and save up for the chopper..but i think this guide will help get were i want to go thanks

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