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Kraklin On February - 22 - 2010

patch 3.3.3 profit

The PTR patch notes for 3.3.3 were announced last Friday and has caused quite a stir in the WoW gold making community as there are many impacts involving the auction house, professions and trade good items.

These changes will cause a lot of items to drop in price while increasing the values of others, if you act quickly enough you can buy a lot of these items from the auction house and flip them for 200%+ profit come patch time, this is the main lesson taught in WoW Schools Guide.

How to Make Gold from Patch 3.3.3

Here’s some highlights of the patch that will effect the economy [NOTE: These changes are subject to change at any time before they go live, take the below recommendations and impacts with that in mind!] You can read the most updated and full PTR patch notes here:

Frozen Orbs as Currency for Trade Goods

- Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.

I’d say this was the biggest change announced that you can profit from, I immediately released this news on Friday so that you could be the first to profit from frozen orbs.

Check out that post for a full item list of what you can buy, but the best items you can turn in are frozen orbs 1:1 for Frost lotus and Eternal fire raising the value of a frozen orb from 7g (just above the price to sell to a vendor) to 30g. I was lucky enough to grab 200 frozen orbs at 10g each.

Another impact this change will have is lowering the price of Eternal fires and making another avenue to attain frost lotus without herbalism! This is bad news for the other herb markets as normally an herbalist will go out looking for frost lotus and will get a ton of Adder’s Tongue, Icethorn and other Northrend herbs and just throw that on the Auction House.

With this new change there will no longer be those extra herbs and I suspect the price of Adders/Icethorn and other Northrend herbs will increase in price.

Titansteel Bar Cooldown Removed

- Titansteel Bar: Creating this item no longer results in a cooldown.

Whenever you remove a barrier to creating an item you’ll see a rise in the supply which means a reduction of price. Expect to see the price of titansteel bars to plummet.

With the lowering of the cost of titansteel bars you’ll now be able to make a Mechano Hog for much less, as it took 12 titansteel bars and Arctic furs also dropped in price last patch.

One thing I am stuck on with predicting here, if the price of titansteel bars go down, you’d think that the major reagent - titanium bars – will also drop in price? however I suspect in the first couple days of this change you’ll see a rush of players wanting to make a bunch of titansteel bars which means a rise in demand for the reagents (Titanium bars, Eternal Fire, Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow) So I bought up 100 titanium bars at the current fair market price.

I wouldn’t suggest however to purchase eternal fires as with the new turn in for frozen orbs this will flood the market witheternal fires especially in the first couple days when this change goes live.

Most 2 Ink Glyphs now 1 Ink

- Most recipes that required 2 inks now only require 1.

While not a huge change because only a small portion of glyphs are 2 inks this will simplify the glyph making industry much more now that you have a uniform cost across almost all glyphs.

Previously I had to make separate groups of glyphs that were 1 ink glyphs and another one for 2 ink glyphs as the cost to produce each are significantly different thus the lowest price I’m willing to craft them are adjusted accordingly.

This is good news for scribes however as it’ll lower the cost to make those 2 ink glyphs.

Cooldown Removed from Moonshroud, SpellWeave and Ebonweave

  • The cooldown and location requirements have been removed from creating Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave.

To be honest I do not have much experience in the tailoring industry but obviously you’ll find the prices of the above cloths to go down in price.

Adelleda left a great analysis of this change in my previous post about frozen orbs:

I expect the cloth prices to drop to around the cost of making them. So whats that, Imbued Frostweave cloth (16g or w/e your server has them priced at) + the cost of what ever eternal your using (Fire – 30, Life – 25, Shadow 15). Now I would expect eternal prices to rise in price with the cooldown being removed.

I’ve already sold any stock i had (not much mind you) and started buying up eternals in preparation for the patch.

Very good analysis, I would be careful about Eternal Fires as stated above with frozen orbs now being able to be turned in for them.

Crafting Items With Runed Orbs Materials Reduced

- Runed Orbs: Recipes which require this item have had their material requirements significantly reduced.

When costs are reduced to make any crafted item you should immediately be thinking about what those items disenchant into and if the cost to craft has now gone belowthe value of the enchanting materials de’ed from it.

Here’s a list of items that require Runed Orbs to craft, take note that the changes in the material costs haven’t gone live yet on the wowhead site as all of these changes are on the PTR and are subject to change at anytime. It looks like the majority of them DE into Abyss Crystals so the crafting cost would have to be lower than 20g (as Abyss Crystals are going for 20g on my server) to be profitable.

Various Changes to the Auction House UI

Many changes were announced to the auction house interface. I’d say the major change has been the ability to now post stack sizes automatically without having to do it stack by stack.

My major concern is with all these AH changes it may impact our beloved gold making addonssuch as quick auctions 3, KTQ, skillet, Auctionator, etc.. I am in the process right now of doing a video tutorial of how the new auction house compares to the old one and I’ll report back to you any issues with the addons I’m currently using.

Good luck with your profits, make sure you sell off those items that are going down in price and have had their cooldowns removed, and if you can grab frozen orbs for under 15g and maybe even titanium bars (a little more risky) I would do so.

Always be the first in the know of changes to the wow economy by subscribing to WoWConfidential and be alerted of news posts related to gold making. This will enable you to buy and sell items to flip for profit that WoW Schools teaches in their guide.

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  1. Raaj says:

    Good article. I believe MMO-Champion has a preliminary list of the changes on items that require Runed Orbs if you guys are interested.

  2. Yankhor says:

    about the motorcycles, the high price was never guided by the titansteels, since u can craft all of them with ur friends help.
    U have to spend ~12k gold in mats buying from npc.

  3. Gah says:

    Great, so everything I do to make money is nerfed. If blizzard is going to screw us out of making money with professions (which I thought was the whole point of spending the time to lvl professions), they can at least lower the cost of things like flying/riding skills. 5000g for cold weather flying and I cant even get 100g for a titansteel bar, really?

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