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wowconfidential On January - 14 - 2010


Auctioneer is a great tool that saves all the data you collect whenever it sees an item in the auction house.

A great feature is the “Scan” ability that will scan every item on the auction house, when done consistently your auctioneer data will be reliable enough to tell you the average worth of every item on your server.

When you know the average price of items you can use this information to buy up under priced items. Auctioneer has a special module that you can use to find auctions for “resale” which I cover extensively in my Auction House flipping guide.

The downside is that it takes 20 minutes to scan the auction house using the normal scan. That has been changed in the recent version of auctioneer.

How to Scan The AH Faster

The GetAll feature in auctioneer will scan the auction house within 2 minutes! this takes off 18 minutes from the average scan.

This will give you the current snapshot of all items available on the auction house that you can flip for profit, buy up cheap materials with snatch and see what is profitable to craft with Lil’Sparkies Workshop.

To do a getall scan, type  /auc getall

Warning: this process can be very memory intensive, I recommend going to an unpopulated AH (like Silvermoon) and doing the scan there as there is less chance of freezing.

The scan may lock up your WoW UI for a few seconds, that is normal. If you experience a complete freeze I’d recommend deleting the Auc-ScanData.lua located in \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\”account name”\SavedVariables folder. Don’t worry this is just a temporary file and won’t delete any of your item data.

This will greatly speed up the time it takes to find deals to flip on the AH and let you act on opportunities much faster.

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