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wowconfidential On March - 14 - 2008

Lets face it, it can get pretty frustrating trying to participate in a raid when just as the action starts your framerate dips down to 10-15 fps or lower. This has a huge impact on your ability to play your character and play at your best.

Most peoples advice is to go out and spend tons of cash on memory, graphics cards etc, but if you have at least 1 gig of memory and a “decent” graphics card you should be getting higher than 15fps. I will share with you a few ways you can definately increase your frames per second without spending money.performancefu.jpg

  1. Background Programs - You may not think about it, but programs like internet explorer, firefox, itunes and anti-virus running while you play is killing your memory, turn these off before you enter the game. Something I like to do is go to the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and I go down the list ending all the processes and keeping only; explorer.exe, system, system idle process, services.exe, svchost.exe, and whatever my audio device is (oh yea and Wow.exe!)
  2. Start Up Programs – Go to run and type in msconfig. The first window that comes up you can choose to run only necessary system programs at start up. Another option is going to the last tab “startup” and deselect the programs you know and this will prevent them from automatically starting by themselves.
  3. Add-ons – If you are a fan of custom UI’s and addons this is most likely the number one culprit, each add-on chews up so much memory while it collects data and processes while you are doing things in the game (like participating in a boss encounter) if you are about to go in an instance or raid, log out>disable all mods that aren’t required for the raid. You should notice a huge jump in performance. *Tip – Download PerformanceFu or AddonManager to see exactly which add-ons are taking the most memory.
  4. Torrents – Plain and simple, torrents chew up your bandwidth and unless you have set upload/download caps, turn this off or make sure someone else on the same connection isn’t running it.
  5. Ad-Aware and Spybot – These are two very useful programs which go through your computer and show you all the junk that gets installed without your knowledge that run in the background. Things like data trackers. After a scan is complete you can delete them all, use both programs as spybot picks up a lot of what ad-aware misses, do this bi-weekly.
  6. Reformat – If all else fails, a simple reformat may be in order if you haven’t done so in a long time, our computers have a way of collecting internal “dust” which can really only be taken care of by a complete wipe.

Give these few tips a go and let me know which one works out the best, feel free to share any techniques you use to increase your frame rate.

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11 Responses

  1. Taurendude_69 says:

    I’d never personally recommend disabling anti-virus software in any ‘internetted’ environment; I used to do it on my old system when playing Oblivion, but always disconnected from the ‘net when doing so – can’t do that with WoW

  2. Chel says:

    The article recommends you get these programs, not disable them :P

    • hmmmm says:


      Background Programs – You may not think about it, but programs like internet explorer, firefox, itunes and anti-virus running while you play is killing your memory, turn these off

      • smurfy says:

        well an antivirus activly running a file scan will chew up memory, not just sitting there. I think that’s what the article means

  3. Mud says:

    “Background Programs – You may not think about it, but programs like internet explorer, firefox, itunes and anti-virus running while you play is killing your memory, turn these off before you enter the game.”

    u fail Chel

  4. jeffro says:

    Can someone please explain how/what UI’s you can adjust to help prvent lagging?

  5. zenki says:

    It seems though my onboard video card wasn’t the problem. I was able to correct the issue (for the most part) by disabling or completely removing all ad-ons that were installed (Cosmos-package).

    Usually the game would run smooth (with Cosmos) but after a short or random span of time it would seriously drag on the framerates… from 29 to like 3-4fps which is practically unplayable.

    Ad-Ons ftl on Vista, Low Memory, Onboard Video, driven laptops.

  6. The best way i think is to install your windows disk into a separate windows installation.
    Then install warcaft in the new windows.

    Never install anything else on the second windows installation and just use it to play warcraft.

    Boot from that windows, copy your war craft directory in say war craft 2.

    install war craft in your new windows installation, then copy everything from warcaft2 into your warcraft directory that you just installed.

  7. Mark says:

    If you have the know how, run a dual boot setup with a OS that uses low system resources and can still run wow and any other software you find necessary for connecting online. Like running a Linux/Vista or XP/Vista setup and playing wow on the XP or Linux partition.

  8. Thela says:

    One thing that isn’t mentioned that often is the combat log and scrolling combat text. If you’re still running laggy after removing/shutting off addons (and you aren’t a number cruncher) turn off everything in your combat log and turn off combat text. This will sometimes help.

  9. Ron says:

    Frame Rate issues can be caused by the following issues.
    1. Check the temperature of your graphics card. If it is overheating it will shut down slowly ( self preservation )and you may have to grind out your quests at 5 – 7 FPS. Go here and download this free heat -> A good card temp is well below 100C
    2. If you have a new grasphics card and it is rated for SAY 350 watts. Check your system, if your power supply is only 300, then you will have slow framerates. Also you could risk damaging your card.

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