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Kraklin On November - 24 - 2010

enchanting vellums vendor

After logging on for patch 4.0.3 I spent some time visiting various vendors. We know that Jessica Sellers only converts Blackfallow inks now instead of inks of the sea.

However another surprising vendor change I noticed is that Enchanting Vellums are sold by the Enchanting Supplies vendor Ildine Sorrowspear for 9s 50c.

No More Vellum Profits for Scribes

This change removes an income stream for scribes, vellums used to be my 3rd highest income earner as I would usually sell around 100 vellums a day at 6g each (2g cost to craft) so 400g profit a day.

It is a bummer whenever one of abilities you have exclusive for your profession is made obsolete.

The upside to this is that enchanters will now have lower costs to make scrolls, although it might also increase competition since it lowers the barriers to entry of making scrolls. It was nice having a scribe alt to make all my vellums for my enchanter which I knew other enchanters didn’t have the luxury of.

Flip Enchanting Vellums for Profit on the AH

vellum flip vendor

In the meantime there is no harm in trying to profit from this change. Some players might not figure out this change and still go to the auction house for their vellums, so what I’m trying is flipping the vendor vellums on the AH, buy them for 10s each and sell them for 2g 50s.

I’d also recommend stock piling up on vendor vellums just in case this was a change not meant to go live and might be reverted.

2 Responses

  1. Vayaz says:

    I expect this to become like the Vanishing Powder market. Though it’s sold by a vendor, people are still buying them for 2 gold each.

  2. Extortion says:

    After reading your blog about flipping vellums, I’ve been able to sell over 200 on the AH @ 1g each. Will have to see if I cannot flip the Vanishing Powder as well. Thanks for the heads up!

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