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Kraklin On February - 11 - 2011

News making the waves across the WoW blogs are discussing a new area where Whiptail nodes seem to constantly respawn and the markets are being flooded with this herb.

If you log onto your server and search for Whiptail you will no doubt see a 15-30% decrease in the price.

Here’s the particular farming spot everyone has been going on about, in Uldum where you can stand in one spot and see 6 different nodes spawning rapidly:

I don’t think blizzard meant for the whiptail buff to be this dramatic, as it has already had large impacts on the WoW economy, some of which I’d like to discuss.

Whiptail Supply Goes Up, All Herb Prices Go Down

Not only does the price of whiptail drop significantly but the price of all other herbs will see a similar drop. Yes there are certain flasks and items that only require whiptail as a regeant but for all items where whiptail is a reageant the total cost to craft that item goes down which also lowers the value of the item and all the other regeants for that item.

Big Impact on Inscription Market

This is a delicate market where herbs dictate the costs of all glyphs and darkmoon cards. Since Whiptail is one of the higher end herbs that yield more inferno ink than the lower end ones it is gauranteed that the price of inferno ink will drop, making it cheaper for darkmoon cards to be made, driving down the prices of all darkmoon card decks.

With prices at 7g per Whiptail I am basically able to my glyphs FOR FREE if I am able to get 150g per inferno ink. Before I assumed my costs were about 35g per glyph so do I lower my threshold now? do I assume my costs will be lower, say 10g per glyph?

Hotfix Patch 4.0.6a Launched

While typing up this post I just noticed that my server was being reset and subsequently MMO-Champion has announced that a new hotfix 4.0.6a is being deployed on servers this morning, if I was a betting man I’d say the whiptail spawning rate is going to be fixed and the markets will normalize.

But will they normalize? since we are still in the expansion where prices continue to decline (albeit at a much slower percentage than in the first few weeks on the expansion) I don’t really foresee prices going back to the 12g per whiptail happening, since the supply of herbs are still somewhat higher than the current demand.

Did you get a chance to farm up lots of whiptail? did you buy out a lot of stock while prices were low? I guess we’ll see if the spawn rate really does get nerfed or if we’ll all have to adjust to this new market with lower herb prices.

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6 Responses

  1. Aurdon says:

    Very interesting. I picked up a farmer just the other day selling me whiptail only at 90g a stack while AH was still listing around 120g. Perhaps he was doing this.

  2. Kammler says:

    No official word on whether this spawn rate was adjusted in 4.0.6a, per today’s post.

    But, no word originally when it increased either.

  3. Qix says:

    Roommate says that she was farming the hell out of that exact spot this morning after the hotfix. Even with 5-6 other people there, she had a full 20 slot bag of Whiptail in a half hour.

  4. Vayaz says:

    Whiptail is down to 6g/each on my server, too, while Inferno Ink is 150-200g each. It’s the cheapest high-level herb now, with only Stormvine being cheaper (3.5g).

    Well, I suppose it’s time to start the Inscription business again.

  5. Yukrishi says:

    Whiptail took a drastic drop from 8g each to 4g each on my server and is still hovering around that price even today. I’m not complaining though as glyph prices only fluxed about 10g and my darkmoon cards and decks didn’t take much of a hit either. I don’t know how much longer this will last but I know I’m buying the market out to 5g each at least once a day and stocking up a bit.

  6. Yukrishi says:

    Well they fixed it.

    Taken from –

    Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes – February 14

    •Whiptail was spawning too quickly in Uldum after patch 4.0.6. The spawn time has been reduced.

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