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Kraklin On December - 23 - 2010

Selling glyphs in WOTLK was highly profitable and was how I made my first 100,000g profit in WoW, however many things have changed since inscription first came out and since we are so early in Cataclysm there are a lot of factors to consider before making gold with glyphs again.

It was easy determining your ink costs back in WOTLK because you could just down convert all your inks of the sea and since adder’s tongue/icethorn could usually be found for cheaper than the lower level herbs it was always best for profit to just mass mill these herbs and convert them, especially since you also got snowfall inks that you could use in off-hands and runescrolls.

Things are different in cataclysm however, glyphs are “learned” so we aren’t experiencing the volume of sales we did in WOTLK but it also means we can charge a higher price. The market is inflated and the new herbs are required for the conversions at Jessica Sellers, obviously the new herbs though are in such high demand that the price has gone up so much. If you are careful though in determining your costs with the new herbs you can still pull in a nice profit with glyphs.

How To Get Cheap Mats To Make Glyphs

A few days ago I released a speadsheet and guide on how to level inscription from 450 – 525, I will be talking about some of the same concepts in this article as it is important to know the new herbs and the milling rates.

The basics of it are as follows:

Out of a stack (20x) the lower end Cataclysm herbs you will get 5 blackfallow inks and 0.5 inferno inks:

Azshara’s Veil

From the higher end herbs, you’ll get 6 blackfallow inks and 1 inferno ink:

Twilight Jasmine
Deathspore Pod

The price of Cinderbloom and Stormvine on my server is around 8g each which is 160g/stack, meaning that it costs about 32g per blackfallow ink if you don’t include the 0.5 inferno inks you also get from the stack of herbs.

I choose to deduct the value of the inferno inks I get from my cost of blackfallow ink, currently inferno ink is selling for 280g each on my server, but I am a little conservative and put this value at 200.

So the new calculation on the price of my blackfallow ink would be =  (Stack of herbs – value of inferno ink) = (160g – (0.5 x 200)) = (160 – 100) = 60g / 5 blackfallow ink = 12g x 3 inks per glyph = 36g cost per glyph.

At a price of 8g each for lower end herbs, I can get blackfallow inks for 12g. Lets look at the higher end herb.

As I said earlier, a stack gives 6 blackfallow inks and 1 inferno ink, if we take the cost of the blackfallow ink from our lower end herbs, multiply it by how many blackfallow inks we get from higher end herbs and add the 200g cost of the inferno ink we’ll see the price at which we could buy higher end herbs and get the same cost per blackfallow as the lower end ones:

(12×6)+200 = 272g

For higher end herb, we can pay 272g for a stack of herbs and get our blackfallow ink for 12g each.. meaning that if prices of the higher end herbs are below that cost then it would be more profitable to buy them.

Buying Lower Level Herbs

It has been forever since I’ve actually bought lower level herbs to make inks but given the current situation with the inflated new herb costs it is more profitable in some cases.

We can totally ignore the rare pigments we get from the lower end herbs as they have no value and focus solely on the ink cost.

The average price on my server for a lower level herb is around 2g, there are different yields you get from milling just like the lower/higher end tier of each herb but the difference in price isn’t as dramatic.

Lets assume we get 5 inks from each stack of lower level herbs, at 40g/stack that’d mean our ink would cost 40/5 = 8g each x 3 inks per glyph = 24g cost per glyph. That is 12g cheaper than converting blackfallow ink to the lower level inks!

Fast Way To Find Cheap Lower Level Herbs

The only problem with this kind of bargain hunting with lower level herbs is the amount of time it takes to find what kind of herb you need for which inks and which herb is cheaper within that category.

I found two addons that are very useful to quickly find the cheapest lower level herbs:

1) The Summary Feature in Auction Profit Master:

If you click on the “summary” button when you are at the “Auctions” tab at the auction house, you’ll be able to run a scan on all herbs and it will list in order from highest lvl herb to lowest each price so you can clearly see which herbs are cheapest

These will list the lowest current herb price per herb.

2) Auctionator Shopping Lists

The current method I use is to make a seperate shopping list for each Ink level, lets take for example all the herbs that can be milled to make Ethereal Ink.

I clicked on “New Shopping List” then did a search for each herb that can be milled for ethereal ink and added it to the list using the + button beside the search button.

Now when you are on that list you can click “Search for All Items” and it’ll show you what the cheapest herbs are thus giving you a list of the cheapest way to get herbs to mill for that particular ink, make a shopping list for each ink that you regularly need to mill for.

I use this method to find the cheapest herbs, right now I set my KTQ (kevtool Queue) to not craft any glyphs lower than 60g and set my fallback price on APM to sell glyphs for 250g. I buy lower end cata herbs for around 8g and lower level herbs for 2g each or lower.

I also have an older article I wrote a year ago on this same topic, but as it applied to WOTLK and had some other neats tips in it too.

How have your profits been with glyphs so far in cataclysm?

4 Responses

  1. ibamage says:

    I’ve been averaging about 6-10000g per 24 hr period on all my glyphs. I do post all glyphs and have recently noticed that I am getting a LOT of “No other auctions up” messages. I have my threshold set to 12g and my fallback to 256g. It is still very time consuming but the money keeps rolling in so who am I to complain?

  2. Qix says:

    I post once per day before work at 8 AM and the sales vary wildly. Seems like other posters are not as regular about re-posting at the moment. Anywhere from 1k to 9k a day. Before the switch to Blackfallow inks at Jessica Sellers, I made 10 of EVERY glyph. Took forever, but I was able to keep on posting right through the first days of Cataclysm when herbs were 20g+ a piece. I’ve also kept an eye on the lower level cata herbs. Their prices sometimes drop down to 2g/herb after the bots post their haul.

  3. Frostu says:

    I cant seem to get ktq to work now, What exact addons are needed to work like we used to before cata?

    I am currently manually reviewing prices after a full scan and only making ones that have a price over 100 g

  4. Toliman says:

    the initial boom is over, but there’s still a lot of options.

    i think i’ve made about 20k pretty easily, and i’ve only been checking in every 1-2 days. good tip with the fallback price though, i haven’t changed it in a while.

    the downside is to get to 525, i regularly spent ~5k on cinderbloom @ 6g to get inferno inks. while they started at 12g, the price has dropped below 6g now, and i suppose i’ve been helping it drop, occasionally buying all the obnoxious 100 x 1 single posts just above the lowest price, which slowed down APM/auctionator with 12 pages to scan. and then dumped them back in stacks of 20 at a higher price, or milled for inferno and sold the inks milled directly.

    After you’ve filled a few bags with BF ink, there’s not a lot to do with them, which is a problem.

    the auctionator list is good advice, i’m using the lists to check prices on crafted items as APM’s summary does. market watcher was handy for this as it created moving price indexes/graphs for the motes and cloth conversions, etc. now it’s just a steady downward spiral, it’s not as jazzy as before.

    so far, the best and easiest method is just a volume check, to queue up those glyphs below 10 already posted. some are falling in volume below 30, some have hit 2-3, and in a positive sign, i’m also getting pestered to make glyphs in person, which isn’t profitable, but it makes for a nice change in pace.

    prices, infernos are dropping below 200g, and the jadefire/ethereal market has been inflated to 4g as glyph prices push 220g. as it is, there’s almost nothing to do at the high end until the prices drop below 100g per inferno or people really want to pay ~25k for darkmoon cards, 3k for relics, etc.

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