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Kraklin On July - 21 - 2010

Rituals of the new moon

I’ve been making gold steadily with inscription now since October 2009 and have just recently heard about the off-hand Rituals of the New Moon.

The reason being is the recipe to craft this item only drops from mobs and is Bind on pick up, it is also a level 70 item and not too popular.

However the item has one very interesting use that makes it a decent seller, it transforms you into a Black, Red, Grey or White wolf for 2 minutes (with a 10 minute cooldown), there are 4 versions of the book for each colour of wolf.

A member in the gold making chat – Debussy – recently tried to see if he could make a profit selling these and here was his results, keep in mind it costs about 30g to craft this item:

rituals of the new moon sales

630g profit in an hour of selling isn’t too bad!

Rituals of the New Moon Recipe Drop

The recipe is rather easy to obtain, the drop rate on wowhead says it’s 3% but since it only drops for scribes this figure is unreliable since it takes into account the drop % on people who can never obtain it.

The technique drops in Grizzly Hills off of any Villager, Trapper, Defender, or Hunter within Silverbrook. It took me about 5 minutes to get it to drop, others in the wowhead comments have reported anywhere from 5-20 minutes to farm it.

Trick To Selling The Book

The problem with selling this book outright is that not many people are even aware it exists! The way that Debussy was able to make such a nice profit in a short amount of time was by advertising in trade chat some unique sales pitches to create some buzz over the books.

These pitches are meant to be as a joke but draw attention to the fact that it’ll transform you into a wolf, here are some examples of ones talked about in our channel:

“OMG I’m a worgen and Cata isn’t out yet. I’ve can be 4 different colors with [Rituals of the New Moon]!!!!”

“Hate Twilight and all it stands for? Want to torment them up close and personal? Infiltrate the lair with  [Rituals of the New Moon]! 4 Colors to choose from! Get them at the AH!!”

“GO TEAM JACOB! Become one of the pack with  [Rituals of the New Moon]! 4 Colors to chose from! Get yours at the AH now before it’s too late!”

Give it a try and see how many sales you can get. The problem with this being a long term profit strategy is that you need to advertise a lot in trade chat to actually make sales, but if you’re in town crafting anyways why not give it a go?

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  1. Cold says:

    Been selling them hit or miss for 225g each. Sold maybe 8 total over 2-3 months cuz this is basically nothing but a gimmick item. If I dropped my price I would probably sell more.

  2. Tofino says:

    I always have one of each color up for around 110g, and I advertise them in /trade a couple of times while I’m doing banking. My ads are actual spookily similar to yours, Twilight references sometimes, saying it’s in four colours, saying you can be a wolf before Cata. Sales have always been pretty low, might sell one every couple of days, even with the /2 adverts. I could throw an ad into trade when I walk through Dal on any toon, I suppose, but I see that as a recipe for getting ignored after a day or two of that.

  3. Hrudek says:

    OMG I posted about this item a couple of posts back and I didnt get a thanks? /sadpanda

    Seriously though, I bought my chopper in 2 days and had enough for the mammoth 3 days later. Sell this. Trust me

  4. Warehouse says:

    I’m selling pretty easy :) thanks also this is my trade message maybe it will help some :P
    ” [Battered Hilt] overpriced? Bored of the same things over and over? [Rituals of the New Moon] and become one of the pack!!! @AH get yours cheap now!”

  5. Hrudek says:

    I believe these sell alot better and for a lot more gold if you sell them in person. In one afternoon, I made about 8K because I was standing outside the AH giving demos (Showing people what they looked like) And people would whisper how I did it, so I ended up selling the book to them. Another tip was to make every customer feel special. Its like the old story of the guy that tried to sell CDs for $15, and nobody bought them. Then he raised the price on all but one to $17, and when someone browsing found the $15 one, they thought they were getting a good deal, and the guy just said, it was my mistake, so you can have it at that price. Another tip that I did was to say well, I sell them for 225g, but I will give you one for 200g for being my favorite class (or make something up) This makes them WANT to buy it now and not later, and will tell alll their warlock/their class friends they can get a good deal.
    Last part of wall of text: Get your customers to try them. They will use them, be pleased, and most will buy another one after seeing it. Also, it gives you publicity.


  6. Michelle says:

    I sold about 5 of these, turning into wolves with friends outside org at 2am bored. I was on one of my 80s with friends that had them. I was selling them for 200g each, and had them up as cheapest for 240g in the AH on my banker toon. Wound up making 1k gold for 2 hours of putzing, checked my banker toon, and some of the people that had been watching us goof off, bought *unknowingly* off my banker toon for 240g. I checked the sellers names, and recognized them watching us. and this was at peak DOWN TIME! so 2k for 2 hours of laughing with friends is well worth it to me!

  7. Tj says:

    I started selling them at 300g and moved up to 450g before finally settling at 400g. I sold a lot in the first couple days, maybe 10. Now I’m down to about 1 per three days. I’ve found advertising in trade chat either that 1) I am selling it, or 2) it is in the AH nets me a quick sale. That said, expect whispers from whiners claiming your prices are too high.

    Is my price high? Yes. But as I’m the only person selling them, if people want them, they will (and do) pay my prices.

  8. adako says:

    my god, i made with this 1250g in 10minutes, really nice tip, thank ya ;)

  9. Eirene says:

    I’ve been selling this for 250g for a while now. I will oftern advertise them in trade for a “discounted” price in order to get them noticed more by the larger populace.

  10. Beryl says:

    I have sold about 20-25 of these over the last week at 240g each. Again the trick is to advertise them with something to catch the eye. Of the 25 or so about 20 have been AH 5 personal. I say something like I have one left in my bag I can sell it a bit cheaper that AH as there is no AH cut.

    Always get someone who asks where I got it from plus of course people thinking I am so desperate that they offer 50g take it or leave it!

  11. Beryl says:

    One small point. When someone asks me where I got it from I say something silly like. “It took me many years of study in the mountains to learn such powerful and very rare magic.”

    I dont see why I should give people a helping hand to try and muscle in on this little niche market.:-)

    • Eirene says:

      When somebody asks me where i got it I just tell them its a random world drop, technically the pattern is. I just don’t tell them anymore and it makes it sound harder to get then it really is.

  12. Vorbasse says:

    Hi m8.

    First of all I want to say you are doing a very good job with making this website. I have used it from January 2010, to test how fast I could get goldcap. It took me 4½ month. When that said.

    I wanted to tell on my server I sell these grey, white and black Rituals of the New Moon for 163g each. And they red 1 I am up for selling at 799g. I sell around 4-5 red a day and around 10-12 of the others together. So its a huge amount of extra good gold in my pocket :) .

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