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Kraklin On September - 23 - 2010

In the video below I show exactly what I do from login to log off with Jewelcrafting and Enchanting to make 1500g profit a day.

It only takes me 10 minutes to collect mail, craft what I am out or low on stock of and then post everything back onto the auction house. You’ll want to add in another 2 minute session later during peak time to cancel/repost to ensure you’re still the lowest price.

This video is meant to show how fast and easy professions can be to maximize once you have a system in place. It can be very time consuming when you’re manually posting each scroll or gem with appraiser so setting up Quick auctions groups are a must to instantly post what is profitable but avoid posting anything below a profit.

Addons used in the video:

Quick Auctions 3 for automatically canceling and posting auctions

Kevtool Queue (KTQ) – to queue up what I am out or low on stock of

Skillet and Lil’ Sparkys Workshop – Trade window UI, shows profits based on current AH prices

Auctionator – Used to buy materials in large quantities

TukUI – User Interface

Auctioneer – For storing average prices and beancounter for sales history

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  1. archi says:

    You might want to add that KTQ and Skillet are out of date ( skillet is not suported for 2 years already; it have been replaced by Gnomeworks).

    A video that shows how to “update” your addons manually ( keep in mind that errors may occur due to gamecode change after new patches):

  2. bankbankbank says:

    whats the bag and bank addon you use ?

  3. Wukam says:

    Hey man, awesome guide. This’ll definitely help me out a lot. And to return the favor, I think I might be able to help you out in cutting down the time you spend making scrolls.

    First, you need this super useful macro:
    /run local f = GetMouseFocus(); if f then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(f:GetName()) end

    Bind it to a key. When you use it, it’ll tell you the name of whatever it is your mouse is hovering over. This is mostly useful to get the name of buttons, so you can make macros to click them without using your mouse. You can then use this information to make macros like the one below.

    /click TradeSkillCreateButton
    /click OneBagFrameBag4Item20
    /click StaticPopup1Button1

    What I use this for is to enchant vellums using just a hotkey, so I don’t have to click “enchant” and then click on the vellum. Very lazy, but quite useful. All I have to do is open my enchanting interface, highlight whatever enchant I want to make, and then press the key bind.

    The first line is the “Enchant” button. Since you use a crafting window UI, that “enchant” button might have a different name (hence why you’d need the click macro). Just find out what that button’s called and replace it.

    The second line is the spot in my bag where I keep my vellums. Once again, just use the click macro to find the name of the slot, and replace it in the enchanting macro. I found that if I put a stack of vellum in the last spot in my bag, the macro will enchant the first vellum stack, so as long as I have one vellum in the last spot, it doesn’t matter where the rest are. i.e., you don’t need to change the macro for each location of the vellum; the last spot in your bags will do.

    This was mostly useful when I was leveling enchanting and had to make 5+ scrolls or enchant a piece of gear 10+ times. That’s the last line of the macro: it automatically clicks on the confirmation to override a previous enchant. Honestly, for crafting scrolls it’s pretty much useless and it might not be a bad idea to take it out, just incase you somehow accidentally enchant over a nice piece of gear. But it saves a ton of time if you’re ever leveling another enchanter.

    That’s pretty much it for that macro. I’ve found it helpful just from the perspective of being lazy, but if you’re crafting a lot of scrolls, it could shave of a decent amount of time.

    P.S. I think we’re on the same server…

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