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wowconfidential On January - 13 - 2009


How is your arena team doing so far in WOTLK? Aside from gearing up for PvP and picking the right PvP talents the only other element (and most important) you can change to get the highest rating is choosing the right arena partner.

With the way WoW balances classes it is a given that some classes will have better synergy with certain other classes. While it is great to just pick an arena partner based on friends and whoever you’d like to play with, this can really limit the potential you can achieve rating wise (Imagine a warrior/warrior team? yikes)

Keep reading to find out the Highest Rated Arena Teams

Take this with a grain of salt right now, PvP is currently unbalanced because it’s early and blizzard can not start the balancing act until it sees the results in the arena and can do further testing to bring everything into line.

However, this resource will always be the best place to see who the current top 100 rated arena teams are in every division (2v2, 3v3, 5v5).

How To Find The Highest Rated Arena Teams

Go over to and you will have a very powerful tool at your disposal.

This database takes data from the WoW Armory and extracts the top 100 rated players, teams for each division and also the pvp specs each class from those teams use!

Here are some interesting pieces of data I found from my research:

Highest Rated 2v2 Arena Teams

Paladin/Death Knight (40.8%) – That is huge… shows this team has a huge advantage over any other team regardless of their gear or other factors.
Rogue/Priest (10.2%)
Paladin/Hunter (8.2%)
Paladin/Druid (6.1%)
Death Knight/Mage (5.1%)

As we can see from the top 4, these teams utilize a strong DPS class, such as a ret paladin, rogue and hunter while bringing on a utility/healer. Double DPS teams will have a hard time bursting down any paladin since they have their bubble and can heal their team mate at the same time. Ret paladin and healers are a deadly team for double DPS as well since Ret Pallies can deal out large dmg and heal their partner if it’s really needed.

Highest Rated 3v3 Arena Teams

Rogue/Priest/Mage (19.2%) – Combine great CC (sap/sheep) and a priest who can not only heal but has mana drains, power word shield, and you’ve got yourself a tough team… The only Top 8 Popular team without a Paladin.
Paladin/Hunter/Death Knight ( 11.1%)
Paladin/Rogue/Death Knight (9.1%)
Paladin/Warrior/Death Knight (7.1%)
Paladin/Warrior/Druid (6.1%)

Paladins seem to dominate the 3v3 arena while interesting enough the highest team composition doesn’t have one, Paladins ability to survive while his team mates deal ridiculous amounts of damage gives this team a huge advantage.

Highest Rated 5v5 Arena Teams

Paladin/Hunter/Priest/Death Knight/ Mage (5%)
Paladin/Rogue/Shaman/Mage/Druid (5%)
Paladin/Warrior/Death Knight/Shaman/Mage (4%)
Paladin/Warrior/Hunter/Priest/Mage (3%)
Paladin/Warrior/Priest/Death Knight/Druid (3%)

So, you NEED to have a paladin in your team if you are hoping to get above 2,000 rating. they are in EVERY team. Very interesting thing to find out if you are a part of a struggling 5v5 arena team without a paladin.

This resource has been very valuable to me when I am looking at current trends in the arena and I’m sure blizzard collects stats like this when considering how to balance classes.

Almost every team will have a possibility to get into the top 100 but it’s definitely an uphill battle compared to picking teammates which compliment each other very well from a game balance standpoint.

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  1. Eleck says:

    WHat is the BLood pvp spec?

  2. Yrel says:

    I can’t see locks anywhere… guess we suck in pvp… kinda reassuring to know im not the only one… when will we get boosted? :/

    • breebree says:

      Warlocks all though everyone will be like fuck no can easily play arena, you just can’t do stupid shit and you HAVE to concentrate. It is one of the most difficult arena class’s to play up there with arena hunter.

  3. louis says:

    nevah blizz have only nerfed locks since pre tbc

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