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Kraklin On April - 22 - 2010

Above is my video tutorial on how to use Auctioneer’s Snatch list.

Snatch is a tool that allows you to create lists of items you frequently buy or are on the lookout for. You set a maximum price you’re willing to pay and when you do a search with snatch it will return all items that are below your stated price.

I started using auctioneer’s snatch more frequently after reading WoW Schools guide and began flipping the items they suggested to make some great profit.

I have all my gems used in jewelcrafting on my snatch list. I run a scan with auctioneer using /auc getall scan twice an evening and fill up my inventory of gems (up to 20 each) if the prices are well below my snatch price.

This addon not only saves you gold but it saves you so much time. Instead of searching for each individual item you can do a snatch search and it will provide a list of everything you normally buy and anything priced very low will stick out.

As I stated above, snatch is a great tool to also use with items you regularly flip for profit. I still use auctioneer resale to find under priced items, but I have one snatch list devoted just to items I know sell very well or are commonly put up for sale well below the price I know players are willing to pay. Items like Eternals, battered hilt, some ICC BoE’s, titanium ore etc.

The only other tool I use for buying is Auctionator, since it’s much faster when you’re buying a few items in bulk (such as adder’s tongue/icethorn)

Addons Used in the video


Snatch (comes bundled with auctioneer suite)

Ark Inventory – bag addon

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10 Responses

  1. Wall says:

    Thanks for the guide. =)

  2. tight rope says:

    Where’s that snatch list you used in the video? I poked around the site, and I can’t find it.

  3. Bhutunga says:

    Nice vid for people that haven’t used the snatch tool, it’s pretty damn useful once you have a nice list built up.
    Another way to add items to snatch list is to…

    Click on the search tab
    Click “General” instead of “Snatch”
    Search for your item
    Highlight a row containing the item you want to snatch.
    Click the red snatch button, this adds it to your snatch list at the price that the item was, obviously you can adjust this from within your snatch list if the item pct was too low/too high.

    Would be good to run through the other more unknown sections of auctioneer like converter, never bothered to us that section, maybe it is useful?

  4. Anaalius says:

    I wish i found a video like this when i learnt about the snatch function. a great tool for buying goods which has made buying mats i frequently buy a lot less time consuming.

    Very helpful video for anyone who doesnt know how to use it. great work!
    .-= Anaalius´s last blog ..Dreamteam – revisited =-.

  5. dazjehyi says:

    Did you bought gem for 124g and sell 138g ?

    • Kraklin says:

      no, that just means the average price is 138g but I want to buy them under 124g. (which is 10% lower than average price, thus the 90% I entered into market value)

  6. Raiker says:

    thought u was going to post a list of what your normally flip?

  7. Matrist says:

    looks awesome, but i ran into a snag, i put a few items into my snatch with a 1g buy, i then left the AH and went back and did /auc getall, after it finshed i went to snatch and hit search and nothing came up, i went back to the ah and there were several items listed under 1g, so i left and came back to do the /auc getall again and got the same result with the same items still on the ah, not sure what to do >.<

  8. Happymage says:

    Could you please give us the link to your snatch list please!

  9. Phil says:

    Have you guys seen this program called WoW Auto Auctions? The free version uses the remote auction house to alert you when it finds an item on your snatch list. It’s really useful for spying on the auction house even when your not in game or at the auction house. And the paid version actually buys the items for you! The site says its legal too. Check it out:

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