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Dirge On December - 8 - 2008

With WoW having such an open interface with options and modules, finding the right one for you may be difficult.

This article is to help show the new interface options that can really help Death Knights maximize their potential and allow the players to enjoy the class with ease.

The top three interfaces that will help the everyday death knight are:


Magic Runes Magic Runes Death Knight Addon
This modification helps display your runes in a more visually friendly manner and allows you to track them easier.

One of the most difficult things for the Death Knight is to make sure they are expending their runes as fast as possible, and as efficiently as possible.

Being able to clearly see what runes are up and when they can be used allow you to do this much easier than with the default UI.

Class Timer
This modification works for all classes, not just the Death Knight. However, it allows you to track everything you need to; in regards to Debuffs, Damage over Time(DoTs) and Crowd Control(CC).

Being able to see when your DoTs are fading allow you to re-apply with maximum efficiency therefore increasing your DPS or Tanking ability as a Death Knight. This Module also tracks your cool downs; so if you are waiting for your defensive abilities to come back up, you can easily see how long they have remaining.

This modification is very similar to Class Timer. This is merely an alternative choice for players, and tends to be a little more lightweight.

When you first install it starts in simple mode, but you can adjust your functionality and preferences by going into the options.

Now that the more fundamental Interface Modules are taken care of, time for the fun stuff!


Get Over Here!
This module is designed to play sound clips from Mortal Combat when your abilities are ready. You can play around with them, turning on and off the ones you want to hear.

Classic Deathknight Frames
If you want to adjust your UI to get a more “DK” Feel, this may be the Interface for you!

There are many great Add-ons out there, and many more to choose from.  Be careful of Add-ons, and always be aware of where you download from and look at the comments of previous downloader’s for potential threats.  I hope some of these Add-ons help provide the ease and enjoyment of playing the Death Knight class as they have for me.

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