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Kraklin On February - 2 - 2011

A new addon has hit the scene and while it is still in Beta I see it as the next big thing in gold making.

The addon is called Trade Skill Master and it was developed by the same people who brought us Auction Profit Master and ScrollMaster.

No longer do you need multiple addons as this has almost everything bundled into one:

1. Uses auction house data to determine crafting costs and profit margins

2. Queues up items based on current inventory and desired profit margins and quantity

3. Posts items just like QA3, Zeroauctions or APM, based on thresholds and fallback prices

4. Has its own built in AuctionDB for tracking auction house prices, an inventory database to track items across alts and its own Snatch feature (called Dealfinding)

In the video above, Part 1, we’ll be covering the Crafting portion of the addon.

In this video you’ll learn how to configure your Trade Skill Master to show you profitable items you can craft right now, and how to queue up items given the amount of profit you want.

Part 2 will be out soon and will cover how to automatically Post profitable items and Cancel items you’re undercut on.

Click here to download Trade Skill Master

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11 Responses

  1. Qix says:

    I snagged this add-on a couple weeks ago, but never bothered with it just cause I already have a working system. Maybe I should give it a chance. This is more likely to stay updated and survive longer since its all from one team.

    • Kraklin says:

      it still has some bugs to be sorted out but it’s good to know about the addon now, for when it does become a complete package and you are familiar with it.

  2. Quomofo says:

    I’ve been using this addon for about 2 weeks or so now and even though its in beta, the advantages FAR outweigh the annoyances. Once this thing becomes super-stable I think it will become THE addon used by goblins and gurus. Thank you for the tutorial as well. Even though I’ve used it for a few weeks It was really helpful to see a comprehensive walkthrough to reinforce that I did it right, and I learned one or two more things as well. Can’t wait for part 2.

    • Kraklin says:

      thanks for the comment, I am keeping my eye on this addon and Gnomeworks.. Gnomeworks is better on the crafting side but if TSM can catch up it will be much better since it does a ton of the other functions.

      The fact that TSM can interact with the posting addon to calculate your threshold/fallback based on crafting costs etc is something gnomeworks can’t do and a big time saver for me as it will automatically update values without me editing them. We’ll see how things develop.

  3. Grandy says:


    Iv’e just done a full scan with Auctionator, but TSM will not show any prices at all. No market value prices, no profit. I’ve got Jewelcrafting / Enchanting but there is no prices on any proffesion. Everything is at Market Value ? Profit ?

    Would be awesome with some help on this, i love your tutorial. Really want to learn this addon throughout.

  4. Pantro says:

    Hey there,

    This addon really rocks! After watching the video I was totally sold, instantly downloaded and went tweaking. I just love the ease of this addon while you get such more utility. Another nice feature is the better descriptions and options you have instead of addons like Zeroauctions or such.
    Great post! Can’t wait for the second part.

  5. Tyberiuss says:

    Great quality video and audio in this guide. Looking forward to seeing you make more on TSM.

  6. balls of steel says:

    great addon but i miss the option to choose a certain gold value for the items that should be queued like ktq does it.

  7. YOjimbo says:

    About the bug that stops you from queuing up items.
    I’ve found that when you navigate through your trade window, for example Engineering, and you search for an item, it clears the rest of the engineering plans from your trade window. This is where the bug hits.
    If you can’t see the trade plan that you want to craft in TSM, it is because you can’t see the trade plan from the trade window.
    To get rid of the bug, make sure your search area is clear and that all your trade headings are not collapsed so that you can see all your trade plans. They should then show up on the TSM queue.

  8. Yukrishi says:

    I finally decided to install TSM and give it a shot. I like the compact features of it and look forward to seeing it progress, but have found one big complaint and can’t find any information on it. None of the Darkmoon Faire Cards show up on the list for crafting. I would love to be able to set up an auto queue for those as well. Hopefully that will be in future versions.

  9. wanted says:

    hey guys i have a quest i use tsm now but if i use it whit alchemy and i will post flask on the ah and i use the post button the hi will post me flask for a buyout 5g and the stand for 150 g on the ah and i dont know how to fix it plz help
    and by me glyph it woking good

    btw i love tsm

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