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Kraklin On January - 25 - 2011

glyph sales in dec

Inscription is my main source of gold so far in Cataclysm. It only requires about an hour a day to pull in my profits but I wouldn’t get near this efficiency with my time without the proper addons to not only focus my efforts on the most profitable glyphs but to keep fully stocked on the AH at all times.

In this article I will go through the routine I use to craft glyphs and the addons I utilize in each of the steps. I learned a lot after reading WoW Schools guide and combined his methods there with these addons to make 4-5,000g profit a day.

1) Inventory Count – Altoholic

The first thing I do each day is log onto my 3 banking alts to empty the mailbox of any glyphs that have sold/expired and repost glyphs. This gives the addon Altoholic a chance to see what is in each of those characters bags/auction house so that it knows my inventory count of each glyph.

Download Altoholic

2) Scan the Auction House – Auctioneer

After your inventory has been accounted for you need to scan the whole auction house to know the current price of all glyphs. Using Auctioneer you can type in “/auc getall” and scan the AH within 3 minutes. This will update the price of every glyph so that you are only crafting glyphs above your acceptable profit margins.

Download Auctioneer

3) Queue Glyphs – KTQ, Skillet and LSWS

Now it’s time to craft, since our addons know our current inventory count and the price of all glyphs we can use Kev Tool Queue (KTQ) to only queue glyphs above a certain price. In order for KTQ to know the price it uses Lil’Sparkys Workshop’s database.

Right before you queue up your glyphs ensure that you have enabled KTQ’s price threshold:

/KTQ enable threshold

/ktq set threshold 60g    (This will only craft glyphs that are going for more than 60g each)

After you’ve enabled this, we are now ready to queue up all the glyphs in skillet with the command: /ktq queue 4 glyphs   (or however many you’d like to craft)

Download KTQ, Skillet, LSWS

4) Buy Materials – Auctionator + Skillet

Right after you type in the /ktq queue command you’ll see in your text window “Total added: 208″ or whatever amount of glyphs have been added. You’ll know that you need 3x that amount in inks to craft those glyphs, for 208 glyphs I’ll need to craft 624 inks which will take roughly 124 stacks of herbs or 2480 herbs.

Another great feature of skillet is that you can click on the Shopping List button and see exactly how much you need of every glyph, this is a great way to save lots of gold on your materials since a lot of the lower level herbs you can get much cheaper than Cataclysm herbs.

At this point I open the auction house and click on the Auctionator Buy tab and also have the shopping list open as well. I proceed to buy up low priced lower end herbs and cataclysm herbs, I know how many I need to buy by dividing the number of inks I need by 5 and then that is the amount of stacks of that specific herb I need (ex. if I need 30 ethereal inks = 30/5 = 6 stacks of herbs that can be crafted into ethereal inks- ancient lichen, dreaming glory, felweed, manathistle etc… all of these I have on shopping lists within auctionator)

Download Auctionator

5) Mill Herbs – Enchantrix

enchantrix auto milling

With all the herbs we bought from the auction house we’ll have to find a fast way to convert them into inks. The fastest way I found is to use the Enchantrix addon (which comes bundled with auctioneer).

To enable the addon type “/enchantrix config”, click on “automation” and click the check box “watch bags for disenchantable items”. This will automatically show a pop-up to confirm milling any herbs in your bags once they are higher than a stack of 5.
skillet crafting queue
All you need to do then is click on confirm or to really speed things along make a macro with the command “/click AutoDEPromptYes” I bind this to my number 1 key and click away as I’m watching TV.

6) Craft the Glyphs – Skillet

It’s time to go through your entire crafting queue that you have set up. After you finished milling and crafting the inks you’ll want to convert the remainder of inks you require at jessica sellers. Another reason I really like skillet over the other crafting addons is the “buy reagents” tab that comes up if that vendor sells things that are currently on your shopping list, it will buy the correct quantity you need. Do the same for any parchments you need from the vendor right beside jessica.

With all the materials now in your bag you’re ready to start crafting glyphs. I have another macro I use to craft each item in my skillet queue “/click SkilletStartQueueButton”. Proceed to watch another TV show as the queue dwindles down.

7) Mail Glyphs to Posting Alts – Auction Profit Master

auto mailing with auction profit master

At certain times while you’re crafting glyphs you’ll notice that you’re inventory is getting full. You can either move items to your bank or you can automatically mail off items to your posting alts. If you are familiar with Quick Auctions 3, Zeroauctions or Auction Profit Master you’ll notice that you can type in a player name then set which item “groups” you want to automatically be mailed to those players.

For example, I have all my glyphs sorted out into 3 different groups, Glyph 1, Glyph 2, Glyph 3. I have Group 1 set to Alt 1, Group 2 to Alt 2 and so on, so when my inventory starts to get full on glyphs I just run to the mailbox and click the “Auction Profit Master: Auto Mail” and it sends off everything in a flash.

Download Auction Profit Master

8) Post Glyphs – Auction Profit Master

auction profit master posting

The best addon for posting glyphs is either Zeroauctions or Auction Profit Master. I personally use APM since the developer of ZA has stated there wouldn’t be on-going support for the addon in future patches, both are pretty much the exact same addon.

APM allows you to create groups where you set how much quantity to post at a time, the lowest and highest prices you’re willing to sell at. When you press the post button it’ll check what’s currently on the AH then post everything that meets your configs criteria.

For a video guide on most of these addons you should check out the gold addon guide I posted last year. If you have specific questions and want me to personally help you set up your addons you can reach me at our private gold forum, I’m always hanging around there answering questions.

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12 Responses

  1. Lunaru says:

    1) Everything – Trade Skill Master

    yes it is that easy

    • Kraklin says:

      thanks for the mention, only heard about the addon a few days ago.. will give it a run.

    • FAS says:

      I already look at TSM and it doesn’t seem very stable right now – it’s in BETA state and I see constant flow of fixes coming every few days.

      I did try to install it, but the lack of custom filtering and search in the crafting module turned me down completely, and I went back to Skillet.

      I don’t know, TSM seems unfinished and lacking in many ways. It assumes a very specific workflow (of a scribe, at least). For example, I like to look for cheap herbs every day on AH, then mill them and make ink. But I would only craft glyphs 1-2 times per week (just restock, basically). The way TSM works – it’s impossible to simply create ink (the ink recipes are simply hidden in the recipe list and I couldn’t figure out a way to un-hide them).

      TL;DR TSM looks promising and definitely has a bright future ahead, but at the moment it lacks many features that were oh so convenient in the older addons. Definitely worth keeping an eye on it, though.

  2. Kammler says:

    I wish I saw glyph prices like that on my server. I would be much more aggressive in the glyph market. I rarely see glyphs above 60g and many are at 20g and below.

    Helpful guide though, thanks!

  3. samuel says:

    yeah, TradeSkillMaster does all of that except Enchantrix’s milling.

  4. Frostu says:

    APM – I cannot change the number to post, it goes from 1 to 5, what if I want to post 4 or 3?

    I edit the box and add 4, but it seems to not save the change and the slider just jumps to 5 with 1 click right

  5. Qix says:

    On my server prices can fluctuate fairly fast. Someone who doesn’t know better posts glyphs for 20g, etc. For a few days that glyph is very cheap.

    By using Auctionator, you can search “Glyph of” and get a list of the lowest price of each individual glyph. I normally check this before I go on a crafting spree since glyphs cost me about 37g, i can usually buy up a few glyphs for 10-20g. Then they just get packed away with the others waiting for the price on them to raise again.

  6. balls of steel says:

    ktq doesnt work , it seems its missing GnomeWorks. any idea how i can avoid using GnomeWorks and use skillet?

  7. Merry says:

    Anyone know the best way (even possible)to fix KTQ threshold? Bugs me when a 60g threshold makes 10g Glyphs that I lose money on.

  8. Hekyll says:

    Gnomeworks doesnt seem to appear on curse, but google did link

    Thanks for this article! Got me back to a streamlined process after I thought the switch to cata ruined it all.

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